Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger Spit in the Face After Loss to Wisconsin

The big news in college hoops this past Saturday had to be No.13 Wisconsin’s 71-67 upset win over previously undefeated No.1 Ohio State.  It goes without saying that the Badgers and their fans were pretty pumped about the victory, as the Kohn Center floor was flooded with a sea of humanity once the final buzzer sounded.

For the Buckeyes superb freshman Jared Sullinger, the loss of the game, and the perfect season, were bitter enough pills to swallow without the indignity he says he suffered at the hands, or should I say the mouth, of a classless Badgers fan.

Sullinger, via Twitter, claims that he was spat on by a Wisconsin fan before and after today’s game.  As if being spit on wasn’t bad enough, Sullinger took the shots to the face, which makes it all the more disgusting and vile.

You have to give credit to Sullinger. I doubt anyone would have said a word had he snapped and gone after the guy (or girl) who spit in his face…twice. It also helped to clarify an earlier tweet by the Ohio State big man, in which he offered Buckeyes Nation a handy tip if/when they rush the court…

No word on whether the spitter in question has been identified, but thanks to them, and their certifiably despicable act, the March 6 Wisconsin-Ohio State game just got a helluva lot more interesting.

[NY Daily News]


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  • frown1

    Go Boilers!

    • Ryanreed7


  • Skeet0724

    Yeah….just like back in 1999 drew brees said he got beer dumped on him…..and Camp Randal doesn’t serve beer. Athletes lie….and the media took it from a pampered frosh who couldn’t deal with a loss.

  • Reece

    prove it sullinger, there’s video, not heresay by you, what a joke this guy is because his team lost!! why does anyone write about this unless there is proof? just go to the video and see if it is true or anyone and everyone will be throwing out accusations like this if you give this clown any merit!!

    • filipina

      Look whos #1!!!!!!!!!!!! Reece>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • fanofthegame

    Look, everyone realizes this is just a gossip column, but nothing about this story adds up. Not the fact that he was allegedly spit on both BEFORE and after the game. Not the fact that Sullinger didn’t mention either alleged incident to anyone — including the media and his own coaching staff — until hours after the game ended, and then only did so over twitter (as evidenced by the fact that no one raised the alleged incidents to UW officials until it was posted on twitter, and no coach or teammate mentioned it at any post-game interview). Not the fact that despite numerous cameras and recorders on Sullinger throughout the pre-game and post-game events, nothing shown on film thus far suggests the incident(s) actually occurred. Not the fact that not a single other witness has stepped forward confirming the allegation(s), despite the outrage it has caused among OSU and UW fanbases alike.

    I’d bet my house that this goes down as just one more example why college coaches shouldn’t let their athletes use twitter accounts: once you put something out there, it’s hard to ever take it back. But hopefully, once UW’s investigation, interviews, video review, etc. demonstrate the likelihood that this was just an 18-year-old kid caught up in the moment experiencing his first loss at the collegiate level and that the event never actually happened, the UW and OSU officials will find a way to just quietly let this story die without having it dog both Sullinger and the Wisconsin fanbase any longer than it already has.

    • Bigbill4Life

      Well I don’t doubt him since this is the same Wisconsin school who used to throw BATTERIES at visiting football teams in the past. Why should the basketball fans be any different. Classless!

      • fanofthegame

        As a former street cop and current detective (and a fan of the Big Ten but neither institution involved here, incidentally), I’ve heard a lot of pefectly respectable, upstanding citizens fabricate stories in the heat of the moment, either out of frustration or anger of a perceived injustice, or simply out of faulty perceptions of what actually occurred. It’s human nature to embellish events and also to make ourselves seem like victims, particularly in response to high-stress environments. It happens all the time. And when it does happen, it often doesn’t come out until well after the actual events, making proof (or lack thereof) nearly impossible.

        Everything I’ve heard about Mr. Sullinger is that he’s a great person. But his story — and how it came about — just doesn’t jive. It seems far more consistent with someone who either (1) is misremembering or misperceiving what actually occurred or (2) felt so angry or embarrassed about having the court rushed that he fabricated the spitting allegations. The similar characteristics of Mr. Sullinger’s allegations with other false accusations I’ve investigated in the past, along with the lack of any corroborating evidence or testimony, strongly suggest to me that he was never actually spit on by any opposing fan.

        As for the argument that because you’ve heard that certain fans at Wisconsin football games in the past were alleged to have thrown batteries at opposing teams (the last allegation of which is at least 10 years old), they must have spit on Mr. Sullinger as well, one bears no relation to the other. That’s like saying because Maurice Clarett lied about being paid to play football at OSU, then Mr. Sullinger must also be lying about the spitting incident(s). In either case, there is no causal connection between the two.

  • sick of bloggers who lie

    If had any idea of the actual number of people that will repeat these accusations now that is “in print” on the internet. you might have checked for facts before posting this. BAD FORM SIR

  • BigBill4Life

    I don’t doubt that those badger inbreeds did spit on him. They throw batteries at visiting football teams. It’s all good because when Wisconsin visits Columbus in March, Ohio State is going to crucify the badgers. Everybody else on here are just a bunch of crybabies and who wish their team had HALF the talent Ohio State does. Who wish they had HALF the following Ohio State does. And who wish they had HALF the recruiting ability Ohio State does. Nobody outside the state of Wisconsin dreams of playing ball for them. It’s a place where players who don’t get recruited by national powerhouses (like OSU) go to die. Any of you so called “experts” on here would literally sell your own kidney to have your football and basketbal team ranked number one in the same year. Not going to happen at Duke, not Oregon, not Texas and certainly not at Wisconsin!

    • Ryanreed7

      This kid is a big dumb crybaby who has mental problems. This whole story smells of B.S.

    • Srpratt

      no, we won’t sit there and cream all over ourselves being ranked #1 in two sports in the same year… we’re too busy beating those so-called number one teams

    • Primopi

      I like your comment Bigbill4Life…Gooooooooooooobucks!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I just read a tweet from someone who saw BigBill4Life taking it from Brutus in the Schott men’s room during a game.

    Typically deviant behavior from vile, disgusting Buckeyes.

    • BigBill4Life

      That’s pretty ironic that a so called right wing conservative like yourself would even think about that posting that kind of stuff on here. Oh wait, aren’t right wingers typically the most hypocritical, immoral and self loathing people anyway? They cast stones and point their fingers because they secrely hate themselves. I believe they are some of the biggest closet homosexuals out there. Stay out of airport bathrooms and away from underage boys! Hahahaha!!!!


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