VIDEO: Soccer Player Kicking Injured Owl Will Make Animal Lover’s Heads Asplode

If you love animals and dislike soccer, then you might not appreciate this story.  And if your favorite bird is the owl, and you absolutely detest soccer, then you might as well leave now, because you ain’t gonna be pleased.

During a soccer match in Colombia between the Deportivo Pereira and Atletico Junior clubs, an owl that serves as the mascot for the Atletico team flew onto the field where it was injured after being hit by a soccer ball.  As it lay there, waiting to be attended to, Deportivo defender Luis Moreno thought he’d help the owl out by transporting the injured bird to it’s handlers.

By kicking it.

Not exactly the most humane way of moving an injured animal, but it got the job done.  When Moreno was finished giving the owl the boot, the bird had traveled a good three meters from it’s original spot.  And for his spontaneous act of animal cruelty, Moreno may be facing sanctions.

Video follows the jump…

The owl suffered a minor fracture of his leg and is expected to recover. Moreno, on the other hand, went down like he’d been shot with an elephant gun, rolled around on the pitch for a while, before gamely returning to play, once he realized the ref wasn’t going to yellow card the injured bird.

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  • cat genie

    oww. this is so sad. poor owl! Moreno was so cruel!


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