World Record Holding Glass Breaker Tries Setting New Record, Fails Miserably

New Zealander Reuben De Jong wears many hats—heavyweight boxer, professional wrestler, MMA fighter—but what may be his biggest claim to fame is his place in the Guinness Book of World Records for, now get this, running through the most panes of safety glass in one minute.

In 2009 De Jong busted through 15 panes of safety glass in a minute’s time, which may seem impressive until you realize he’s decked out in full football equipment.  Yeah, not so impressive now, is it?  Or maybe it is, what the hell do I know?  It’s not like he’s running through giant panes of cheddar cheese or anything.

Anywho, De Jong figured it was time to up the ante and try for a new world record.  This time Reuben was shooting for 17 panes of safety glass to smash to pieces, on live television.  Sure it was live television in China, but live television nonetheless.

So, how did Reuben’s record breaking attempt go?  Let’s just put it this way, Chinese safety glass 16, Reuben De Jong 1….and it wasn’t even that close.

Video of De Jong’s miserable attempt follows the jump…

Well, that was embarrassing. Reuben was clearly at a loss for words, as was I, but only because I’m in utter disbelief that there actually exists a world record for smashing glass panes.



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