Florida Bar That Offered $25 Bar Credit for Every Heat Loss Out $85,000

Back in October we brought you the story of the Hollywood, Florida bar that was so confident in the Miami Heat’s Big Three that they offered patrons a $25 bar credit for every Heat loss, so long as they a) showed up 30 minutes before tip-off, and b) stayed until the end of the game.

Here we are five months and 21 losses later, and the owners of the Whiskey Tango All American Bar & Grill is down a whopping $85,000.

It’s hard not to laugh at John Todora and Bob Hartley’s misfortune, considering that they brought it on themselves with their cockiness.  If there’s one silver lining in all this for the co-owners, it’s that in South Beach $25 won’t go very far at most drinking holes.  That, combined with the stipulation that to collect the bar credit patrons have to stay until the very end of the game means that there should be a lot more money coming in than going out.

“Some true Heat fans can’t stand it and leave early, other people figure the money isn’t worth being tired at work the next day and I think some people are just drunk and just forget,” Todora said.

One thing for Todora and Hartley—you don’t hear them crying about their losses, unlike their beloved Miami Heat.


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