Kendry Morales Would Like You to Know His Name’s Not Really Kendry Morales

That’s right Angels fans—for six long years you’ve been duped by the man you came to know as Kendry Morales is in fact…Kendrys Morales.  Which is a bit of a letdown when you think about it.  Would have been much cooler had the Angels first baseman come out and said he was D.B. Cooper, or the Lindbergh baby, or something of that ilk.

Adding an ‘s’ on your name isn’t really much of a change after all.

Unless you’re Kendrys Morales.  See, when the Cuban born Morales was signed to a contract back in 2004, he asked then-general manager Bill Stoneman to drop the ‘s’ in his first name.  Stoneman complied, and Kendry Morales was born.

In official documents, such as his Cuban birth certificate and manifests the Angels must file for their charter flights, Morales’ name has always been spelled Kendrys Morales Rodriguez. But when the Angels signed him to a free-agent deal in 2004, he told then-general manager Bill Stoneman he wanted to drop the “s.”

“He was Kendry,” Stoneman said. “That’s what we were told.”

Flash-forward six years, and Morales wants his ‘s’ back.  Apparently “Kendry” didn’t quite offer up the pizazz Morales was looking for when he changed his handle, so he decided to revert to his real name for this season.

But sometime this winter Morales decided to go back to his birth name. So when he placed an order with Rawlings for first baseman’s gloves this winter, he asked that his name be stitched into the leather as Kendrys. The clubhouse staff, thinking it was a typo, checked with Morales, who told the team when he reported to spring training last month that he wanted his “s” back.

And just like that, Kendry Morales is no more, replaced with the much more dynamic Kendrys Morales.  Or something.  I still don’t get it, and probably never will.

Hey Kendrys, if you’re thinking of another name change down the road, I got two words for ya—Max Power.

You’re welcome.

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