Steelers Terrible Towel Becomes Equally Terrible Tattoo

I’m not sure longtime Steelers broadcaster Myron Cope had this in mind when he created the “Terrible Towel” back in 1975.  At least this guy never has to worry about being without his towel whenever the need to wave it arises, although the only time this thing will ever actually “wave” will be in 40 years or so when a stiff breeze catches his saggy, liver-spotted arm skin.

The owner of this fantabulous piece of Steelers ink is Anthony Lui, a Tucson, Ariz. resident and self-proclaimed “Boss” in the nationwide Steel City Mafia fan club.  His inked version of the “Terrible Towel” cost him all of $160 (plus $60 tip), and the satisfaction of having this historic piece of Steelers memorabilia etched on his right forearm, “flowing from the grip of his clenched fist as if already in mid-twirl,” for the rest of his Pittsburgh loving life.

Said Lui…

“I love the Steelers with a passion and I wanted a piece to show the Steeler Pride that’s in me! I love to go big or stay home so my idea was a Terrible Towel that took up my whole inner arm! STEELER NATION!”

Poetic.  We are all STEELER NATION…minus the god-awful tattoo.

[Pittsburgh Post-Gazette via Off the Bench]


About the author: Jeff Greenwell


Jeff Greenwell is the writer/editor of Last Angry Fan. Jeff has been known to rock a Speedo while belting out Robert Goulet tunes from his front porch, and in his spare time he enjoys capturing and training feral goats to be his minions. Also known to dig a nice brick of cheese from time to time.



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  • John Houck

    As a DIE HARD LIFE LONG STEELER fan I love the ART WORK!!!! Been looking for something suitable for myself.

  • Jimmy

    What the hell is he doing in Arizona if he loves the Steelers so much. These fans are douche bags.

    • Holly C

      You’re a douche bag. You’re just jealous because you don’t have the balls to that for your team.

    • Deeana

      Since when do you have to live in Pit. to be a Steeler fan? That was a stupid ass comment.

    • Jules

      Im a Saints fan and I live in Ky so does that mean I should live in New Orleans LOL!!!

    • Guillenx2

      Yeah Jimmy so there are no fans of other teams world wide? What a DB!!! So if you are a fan of a team you have to move to where the team is? What a jag off

    • B A

      I’m a big fan of the Steelers, yet I don’t even live in the states, Jimbo. U don’t know me, yet I’m a douche bag 2 U? Get real, sunshine.

    • Errin

      I live in northeast ohio, does that mean I should be a Browns fan?!?! Dumb ASS!!!

  • A REAL Steelers fan

    Looks like something a woman would have done.

    • Cpeace30

      Yea he is now the “property” of the STEELERS. A STEELERS bitch!!!

  • Anthonylui24

    Ever heard of defamation of character JeffG?? Last I checked I didn’t give you permission too use my piece or my name!
    Anyone can say anything behind a keyboard, HATERS!!!
    Oh, and I am no Self-Proclaimed SteelCity Mafia Boss!! I am a SCM Boss, I have done the work needed to be anointed that honor!! So if you don’tr even know what your talkin about, why are you even talkin!!!

    • Steinkraus Tom

      I am a Packer fan and still have to give Anthony props for an awesome design! Some people don’t understand commitment or are jealous because they don’t have a passion in their lives. No doubt he will wave the towel for life.

      • Donnakay

        I only know of one person named Steinkraus and that is W.C. a relative? And we Steeler fans wave that towel forever as any fan can see in the football stadiums our Steelers (and we help finance that stadium so they are really ours) play.

    • Errin

      Anthony, your tatoo is awesome!!! I love my Steelers and if I wasn’t afraid of the pain I would have been had a steelers tattoo by now. Steeler Nation all day!!!!!

      • Bigsexy60

        It looks like u should finish grade school before you think of getting a tattoo and I didn’t know they were you’re Steelers well u and that jag-off with the ink can keep them because everyone knows Pittsburgh as the(armpit of America)!!!

    • lol

      “Last I checked I didn’t give you permission too use my piece or my name!”

      Last time I check we had a free press which doesn’t need someone’s permission to write about them, or their dumbass tattoo.

      Also, I love how these idiotic sports fans take pride in a team’s accomplishments when they had absolutely nothing to do with any of it.

      • Anthonylui24

        There would be no NFL without fans.
        It’s funny how you clown me…but your the one writing about something so “dumb”…
        Get A Life. You don’t know me.

        • lol

          First of all, “clown” is not a verb. Secondly, I’m quite aware that there would be no NFL without the fans (of course the way the NFL is going right now, there might be fans and no product to watch), I’m saying that it is idiotic and delusional to take personal pride in the accomplishments of others, especially sports teams.

          Investing that much of your ego in a sports team is worrisome to say the least. I’m sure you talk about “our” 6 championship rings when you not only had nothing to do with them, but four of them likely occurred before you were even born.

          That said, it’s your money and your body, so you can do whatever you want. Just realize what an asshat you look like to the rest of us.

          And finally:

          Anthonylui24 wrote: “Get A Life”

          Says the man who just had a towel tattooed on his forearm…

          • Anthonylui24

            I don’t need too insult anyone too make me feel better more like a man…Go Fuck Yourself 🙂

  • Lenny

    Badd Asss ink, fuck you little pussy ass haters!!! Steeler Nation is the one and only with the greatest fan base of all time!!!

  • Duncancrystal

    Jealous he is too much of a pussy to do it himself. Those who can do those who can’t hate!

  • Dylanlui92

    THIS GUYS A LITTLE BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! let him say this shit if he was in person, he would lose some teeth. all this guy can do is sit behind his computer and talk shit hes lucky he doesent have to face me or my brother he wouldnt have the balls to do it anyway FUCK YOU JEFF

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