Tennis Star David Ferrer Cares Not for Crying Babies, Hits Ball at Infant in Stands

Most people have a fairly high tolerance for crying babies, because that’s what infants are prone to do—cry, eat, and soil diapers, at least for the first few months of their lives.  Notice I said most people.  There are those who are so turned off by the sound of a bawling child that they just can’t take it and end up doing something regrettable.

That’s where Spanish tennis player David Ferrer comes in.

During his quarter-final match at the ATP and WTA Masters event in Miami against American Mardy Fish, Ferrer got fed up with a baby crying in the stands, and decided he was  really going to give that kid something to cry about—he sent a forehand lob towards the sobbing infant.  Notice I said lob, and not serve, forehand smash, or even a two-handed backhand, all of which could do some damage.  Rather a lob, which was probably designed to send a message that maybe the child’s parent might want to do something about their distracting crying child.

Apparently the ball didn’t come anywhere near the kid, which may explain why Ferrer was losing to Fish at the time.  But he got his point across, as the crying ceased shortly after Ferrer’s forehand lob.

The Spaniard eventually lost the match 7-5 6-2, but won the admiration of barren, childless tennis fans everywhere.



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  • Tennisattorney

    The headline says that David Ferrer hits ball at baby. So untrue. He soft hit a ball in the general direction of the baby and as your article said not really that close to the baby. I have played at the satellite level and I assure you that if Ferrer as a top ten world ranked player had wanted to hit a ball at the baby, he would have hit the baby or come very close. If he had done that I agree he would be the villain however under these facts Ferrer is not the villain. The father who brought a baby to a pro tennis match is.

    • j-max

      Oh yeah? Well, I played at the super-satellite level and I can assure you that babies are more difficult to hit than you might imagine. They are smaller than they appear on television, and more mobile than most people realize.

  • Trishbinder

    He shouldn’t be allowed to play. These stories make too light of what he did — Which was hitting a ball at a baby. Even a lob can do damage to a vulnerable child. At least the stories took the dig of why he wasn’t winning. He wasn’t good enough a player to win.

  • Shawn

    Somebody should have whipped that pencil neck tennis fags ass.

  • terry

    crying babies? are we talking about a child or a lot of the tennis players. but, you wouldn’t bring a crying baby to a golf tourney either. same players who need quiet for their game don’t mind going to a basketball or baseball game and yelling their lungs out at the pitcher or batter.

  • Calflagl

    A crying baby can be very distracting during a tennis match. The parent should have immediately taken the child out of the area instead of having to get a clue from David Ferrer. I have children and I understand you can’t control their crying when they are tired, hungry, etc. but you can control their environment. I’m sure David wasn’t the only one wishing the parent would take the child elsewhere.

  • opmgruv

    and still lost after the kid stopped crying. so what was his excuse then? his own crying?

  • DreTime

    I caught the ball he lobbed into the crowd. It’s funny how they edited the story so it is more sensational. It landed nowhere near the child and the child happened to be a little girl dressed in yellow with her mom, not a father with his son. I love the comments by the easily persuaded “how dare he?!” “He’s a monster” “The outrage” Ah the wonders of what people classify news these days.


    how bout the S#!7h34d parent who brings a baby/infant to a tennis match. WHY WOULD YOU BRING SOMETHING TH”AT CAUSES ALL SORTS OF NOISE AND PROBLEMS TO AN EVENT WHERE SILENCE IS MANDATORY?


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