VIDEO: Let’s Watch This Poor Child Get Showered in Broken Hockey Glass

I’m no weatherman, but I’m pretty sure it’s raining hockey glass on that kid.

This nearly first-person account of a shattering pane of hockey glass took place during a Cape Breton Screaming Eagles game.  Those 8′ by 5′ panes of plexiglass are designed to withstand mostly anything, which is why it’s about as rare to see one destroyed as it is to see Sidney Crosby drop the gloves.

But it happens, and this one happened right on this poor kid’s head.  I doubt he was really hurt, probably more scared than anything, and did what most kids would have done in that situation—bawled their eyes out and went running to mommy.

Video of the unlucky young fan follows the jump…

Somebody get that kid an ice cream and an autographed jersey…stat!


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