VIDEO: This is Why Soccer Goalies Should Never Try the Pump Fake

Here’s your weekly “soccer goalie fail,” courtesy of goalkeeper Sammy Bossut of Zulte Waregrem of the Liga Belga, the top soccer league in Belgium.

Sammy attempts to clear the ball when he inexplicably hangs onto it, before losing control of it, allowing the ball to roll behind him—right into the waiting feet of Lokeren’s Benjamin De Ceulaer, who scores the second goal of the game.

Oh yeah, Lokeren won the game by the score of, you guessed it, 2-1.  Double ouch.

Video of Sammy Bossut’s miserable clearing attempt follows the jump…

One word Sammy—stickum.


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  • Michael Pacholek

    Holy cow, it’s Garo Yepremian, Super Bowl VII, 1973! Right down to the uniform number. Except he has hair.

  • Davejenkins88

    This wasn’t a pump “fake”, you can obviously see he meant to throw it and the guy stepped in front of him last minute to disrupt his throw. Geez, new headline needed. Thanks.

  • Lymsanchez28

    That should it be interfering with the goalkeeper, that goal should not count.

  • Dip

    Interference caused indecision on the keeper’s part. That’s what happens when you try to hold it and throw it at the same time.


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