Buck Showalter Reacts to this National Anthem With a “WTF?”

I’m neither here nor there on the practice of performing the National Anthem before sporting events.  Sure it’d be nice to drop it so that the game starts quicker, but there’s something majestic and overtly patriotic about hearing the Star Spangled Banner before watching a bunch of grown men play a child’s game for money.

Granted, some renditions of the anthem are better than others.  Think Whitney Houston’s goosebump inducing version at Super Bowl XXV versus Roseanne Barr’s horrific caterwauling take on the anthem before a Padres/Reds game in 1990.

And then there’s this version as performed by the cast of bizarro Glee.  It’s only a short clip, but they sound pretty bad.  Know how I can tell they’re bad?  Buck Showalter’s priceless reaction—a look of incredulity, a mouthed “what the f–k?”, and a pained shaking of his head.  Yep, it speaks volumes.

Video follows the jump…

WTF? indeed.


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