Cards Fans Prepared to Welcome Reds Mike Leake With These Nifty T-Shirts

You knew it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a shirt mocking Reds P Mike Leake’s recent arrest for shoplifting $60 worth of shirts from Macy’s.  It’s simple yet effective, and sure to be out in full force in St. Louis this weekend as the Reds take on the Cardinals in a three game series.

Hopefully Leake has the ability to laugh at his own foibles and not be offended by the shirt. Poking fun at an opposing player for being arrested really is a victimless crime—like jaywalking, not wearing pants to the bank, or punching a clown in the dark.



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  • Chuckles

    Mike should look at the bright side . . . if he pitched for St. Louis, his chances of ending up dead would be higher than usual. Of course, then they would act like he’s some sort of hero — that’s just how the “best fans in baseball” roll.

    • Dodger

      Or if he was a Cardinal pitcher he could end up being kicked by the spikes of a spineless Reds pitcher.

    • Tom Ellison

      It’s better than “rolling” like phony front running fans…..Cincinnati

      • Princeankrom

        “Or if he was a Cardinal pitcher he could end up being kicked by the spikes of a spineless Reds pitcher.”

        Who are you talking about? Carpenter who ran his mouth and then hid behind his teammates like a coward?

        “phony” front running fans? Even Cardinal pitchers know St. Louis fans are a joke.

        ” but it just shows some people’s true colors.They are supposed to be the best fans in baseball. Yeah right.”

  • Michael Pacholek

    Could be worse. Remember when Terrell Owens had that apparent suicide attempt? The Cowboys’ next game was in the worst possible place with that kind of timing: Philadelphia. I was at that game (the Eagles won), and a chant rang out, and I saw it on T-shirts as well: “Dallas sucks! T.O. swallows — pills!” Philadelphia sports fans, ladies and gentlemen!

  • Anonymous

    who makes that kind of money and wants to steal t-shirts. Oh the name Lohan comes to mind, at least she has an excuse of a drug habit to support.

  • Thesoup27

    Instead of giving you the shirt off his back it seems he’d rather steal a shirt off a rack!!

  • Anonymous

    A fool and his money are soon parted. That’s the only to describe someone actually buying this shirt.


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