Mets Get Pranked on Their Own Network With Funny “Family Guy” Clip

Someone at SNY SportsNet New York, the television network owned by the NY Mets, decided to beat the rush and begin dumping on the Mets right out of the gate, starting with their Opening Day broadcast.  Making fun of the Mets on and off field ineptitude is getting to be as easy as making emo teenagers depressed, and just as much fun.

Towards the end of the SNY broadcast of the Mets 6-2 season opening loss to the Florida Marlins, an unknown SNY staffer thought it would be hilarious to insert a “Family Guy” soundbyte into the production, one in which evil baby Stewie laments about how much of a letdown it is being a Mets fan.  Only a portion of the audio made it to air, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less funny, especially after you see the clip in its entirety.

Here’s the “Family Guy” clip…

And the SNY broadcast…

See, it’s funny because it’s true.

Most people would find that, at the very least, amusing, but SNY execs aren’t laughing. Well, maybe they’re laughing on the inside, but on the outside, they’re dealing with it in a most serious, business-like manner…

Andrew Fegyveresi, an SNY spokesman, said, “It was a very poor decision by an individual employee and the matter is being dealt with internally.”

What the deuce?

[H/T to Bob’s Blitz]


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