Mike Ditka Jr. Blames DUI Arrest on His Famous Name

Well, it’s a helluva lot better than Albert Haynesworth’s “I don’t like black girls” defense against sexual abuse charges.  Not by much, but definitely better.

Mike Ditka Jr., the son of the legendary Bears coach, was arrested in the parking lot of his apartment complex and charged with DUI, a charge that the junior Ditka refutes, claiming that the car was parked, and that the keys were not even in the ignition.  He went even further, saying that the police targeted him because of his famous name.

From Trib Local

“I was not driving a car,” said Ditka, 49. “I was parked. The keys weren’t even in the ignition. I plan on pleading not guilty.”

“If my name was Joe Smith, this would not have happened,” Ditka said.

The cops, unsurprisingly, tell a different story…

According to a Deerfield police report, at about midnight on April 20 a police officer saw a black Hummer with its headlights on, running in the parking lot of the Deerfield Village Centre Apartments, in the 600 block of Deerfield Road.  The officer then observed the Hummer drive into the rear parking lot of West Deerfield Township, 601 Deerfield Road, before turning off its headlights.

The officer approached the Hummer to find Ditka, who lives in the 600 block of Deerfield Road, sitting the driver’s seat and another person in the passenger seat.

When Ditka exited the vehicle, the officer allegedly smelled a strong odor of alcohol, the report said.

The officer also alleged in the report that Ditka’s eyes were bloodshot, and he had slurred speech.

The officer alleges in the report that Ditka struggled to perform a field sobriety test. A preliminary breath test allegedly indicated that Ditka’s blood alcohol concentration was 0.189 percent. The legal limit in Illinois is .08 percent.

According to the report, the passenger allegedly told police that Ditka had been at the wheel when it had pulled into the West Deerfield Township parking lot.

Dikta was taken to the Deerfield police station where he declined to take another breath test. He was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and released on $100 cash bond.

Take your medicine like a man, son.  The cops didn’t target you because you’re Da Coach’s kid—they targeted you because you were drinking and driving.  Smarten up, take responsibility, and make sure it never happens again.

Case closed.

[H/T to Off the Bench]


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  • Rogerhinman

    Too bad he’s trying to blame it on his daddy’s fame. If I were Mike I’d be in his face letting him know what a lying, whiny doucebag he is and then make sure he gets his act together.

    Sometimes the kids need tough love .

  • Anonymous

    Why are there cops in an apartment complex parking lot in the 1st place? Is this apartment complex private property?

  • MPGA

    I don’t understand why the officer tracked the vehicle in the first place. Seems to me there should be some reasonable cause to approach the vehicle in the first place. The officer had to be already out of his bar in order to smell alcohol and observe the passenger. What triggered the officer’s interest? Weaving in the road? If there was no reason to stop the car, then I can see an argument that the vehicle was parked and turned off on private property before the police became involved.

    So…do I whine about this or be thankful for the family that made it home alive on this or some future ocassion? Probably not squeaky clean on the officer’s part, but I’m on the family’s side here, even if they’re hypothetical. Oh…and Mikey, people get pulled over all the time for stuff that’s later thrown out in court. And their parents aren’t famous. But what do I know? Maybe Li-Lo and C-She can use your concept in court.


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