VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Drops Gay Slur on TNT After Technical Foul

Hoo boy, if this clip of Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant calling someone a “f–king f-ggot” on cable television goes viral, expect the backlash to be huge.  Not huge like when he was accused of sexual assault in Colorado, but close.

And this being the Internet age and all, chances are it will go viral…and quick.

Apparently Kobe was upset with his fourth foul call during Tuesday night’s game against the Spurs, and when he complained to the ref about what he deemed a bad call, Bryant got T’d up.  So Phil Jackson made him take a seat, and rightly so, seeing that Kobe picked up his fourth foul with about six minutes left in the third quarter.

The TNT cameraman followed Kobe to the bench, where he threw a towel in disgust, before calling out to someone on the floor, and then dropping the gay slur…with the camera still squarely focused on Bryant.  You don’t have to be an expert lip reader to realize exactly what Kobe had said, which will make it all the more difficult for the Lakers guard to deny, deny, deny.

Video follows the jump (skip to the :33 second mark for the incident)…

Kobe and the Lakers better start working on his apology now, because you know that GLAAD, and other gay and lesbian defamation groups, will be calling for a) a formal apology, and b) Kobe’s head on a platter.

[via @jose3030]

UPDATE: Seems Kobe’s slur was directed at referee Bennie Adams, who called the technical against Bryant.  Still not cool Kobe…still not cool.


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  • Crazycam55

    You media people make it look bad, of course you don’t have somethig better to focus on. No creativity from you people, and you call yourself journalist, PITY

    • Timmarker1733

      55, you are friggin ridiculous, Kobe apologists unite! Noone to BLAME but the infidel himself. He’ll never, never, never, never be remembered like Jordan…..

      • skinsfan85

        You must be Bennie Adams….guess he touched a nerve with his comment…….what a joke!!!

        • Feetraider

          This whole world is filled with bunch of bitches!! I dont care what he said….. Its the heat of battle, and all of you little bitches out there who have a problem, then dont watch!!

          • UneedValium


          • Dolphin195261

            I agree with Feetraider. Grow up people.

        • Timmarker1733

          All you pro Kobe people continue to make excuses for a guy who strived to eclipse MJ then ruined his chances in Colorado. His image is forever tainted. Laker fans defending their own.Kobe is great, just not the greatest, never will be. He should know better, the cameras are always watching and when you slip up they’ll call you out. This would apply to any big name athlete. Kobe is an ###hole and you know it! Kobe apologists unite.

          • kingmandingo

            goddammm you must be old as fuckk mr tim..your suposse to smoke it not chew it!!! oops is gods name bad to use too..pshhh suck my big fat dick niggers and crackers…ohh and hey “mojo1” wasup FAGGOTT!..

            P.S.. heat of the moment +)

          • Timmarker1733

            Excuse me for having a coherent opinion that people can actually understand.I admit it , I just don’t like Kobe. I must be old(44) to actually cling to the concept that our youth look up to the star athlete as a ROLE model. Do you know what a role model is? You must apoligize for Tiger as well. I don’t want my kids to idolize husbands that cheat on their wives etc. I like athletes that live right despite the money and fame, there’s a few left.

  • 50bmg

    Listen to “Crazycamm55”, blames the camera person for Kobe’s slur.
    Ask yourself, if Kobe would have been filmed patting a kid on the head, then its all good. BUT, when we catch yell out a slur, its the cameraman’s fault?

    • Feetraider

      Who cares what he said, all you people out there who have a problem with what he said, are little bitches!! Especially the human rights idiots….

      • FacesLoaded

        Those “human rights idiots” keep your freedom and keep you form drinking shit water and help keep your living conditions liveable

  • Jcsniper5

    deal with it america. right now people still call people faggots as if to call them stupid or a piece of shit. get over it homos its not like kobe looked at the camera and said hey homos your all fuckin fags. no. athletes always cuss and use bad language its how they get their anger out. stop crying to the washed up media jesus christ. if its such a burden to be called a fag or a homo then fight back call straight people breeders or some shit idk be creative and stop whining it wasnt directed at you.

    • skinsfan85

      I AGREE %

    • osu_ot

      You’re an idiot.

    • MFer

      So True!!!

    • Fag Slayer

      Some people are just some Fucking Fags

    • bloo45

      Then I guess its ok to call him a rapist nigger! Calling people hurtful names gets you nowhere!

      • Kevinjos

        Your comment is stupid. It’s about how the word faggot is used. It’s slang for chump, fool etc…
        And this was a man who made a comment out of anger. Who hasn’t. It was not directed towards the gay community. It was directed towards the ref; who is the only one due an apology. Every single gay person in the world is not due an apology.

        • Brady_542eg

          It’s freedom of speech, and I wouldn’t apologize if someone came up to me and told me to say I’m sorry. If anything I would appologize for loosing my cool, but not for saying what was said.

          He’ll probably get fined for unsportsmanship like conduct.

          • Bhmedeh

            Well if will get fined for that, then all of the people condamnin him are gay and faggots and lesbians and homos and these kind of sick peole

          • Kanezona

            Look sister, you’re not foolin’ anyone with those bigotted comments. Most homophobic bigots are HUGE closet cases themselves. So quit trying to fool yourself and others, you’re just oppressing your own fellow gay brothers & sisters. It’s okay that you’re gay. Really.

          • can’t believe ya’ll

            Funny, Gay people say if you like gays then you are gay..but if you don’t like gays then you are still gay. Who came up with that crap?..somebody gay? Let ya’ll tell it everybodys gay. Stupid logic.

          • Kanezona

            There’s a distinct difference between “freedom of speech” and “hatespeech.” One doesn’t justify the other, “Brady.” And forget getting fined, he needs to do some volunteer work at an LGBT community center for a month, so he can see what an impact his hatespeech has on both the victims of the intended slur as well as the victimizers that he helps to inspire.

          • direwolf53

            hate speech? victims? the last time i looked, gays and lesbians were not included on the endangered species list. the best slogan for this ridiculous and over hyped situation would be: “stop global whining!”

          • macrjohna

            When you talk the fools in leadership into putting an end to trying to tell my kids that the homosexual lifestyle is good and forcing them to believe that BS, I will allow for the condemnnation of what others see as offensive. My kids have the right to not be taught that a lifestyle my beliefs and Bible clearly declare is an abomination are other than deviant, they have the right to be free from being forced to listen to such idiology.

        • Dramirez

          I agree it is stupid. But in the context most people use it, it’s to mean gay, or homosexual agree? i’ve heard it many times in that context and no other way else. If it were to mean chump, fool or dumb or whatever, they would have just said stupid or something like that. And yes the referee is the only one due an apology, although all those fans of kobe that are homosexual….are no longer fans lol.

        • trekster

          How can you speak for all the gays? It didnt need to be said. Did Kobe tell you thats what he meant? You asume a lot. And you know what asuming does…LOL

          • Liquisappie

            Learn how to spell or at least how to use spell check!

          • trekster

            Oh no…I forgot an s. Assume. Is that better? I bet you go through all the posting doing spell check…LOL

          • homechef

            assume is spelled with 2 ss.,….

          • trekster

            If you would check my reply I corrected it…

          • Woofierodeo

            being an all-American athlete i know that out of frustration you will say the first word that comes to mind to insult a referee whats the big deal of being called gay or homo or a fag is it not true that those people that are those things are gays homos and fags if its really a super big deal to them well than i guess they should have stayed like the rest of the world as straight

          • Kanezona

            Boy, that 3rd grade education of yours is REALLY starting to pay off BIG TIME, there, old Woofie!

          • Kanezona

            Denial is not a river in Egypt, my friend. Wake up and smell the coffee.

          • wereinharmony

            he already said sorry, what more do you want him to do? the others were just lucky, they were not televised when they say bad words out of anger. but this isn’t an excuse at all to be cussing anybody… but he said, sorry and that’s it… maybe if he wasn’t kobe, this would not have been made like a hill from a mole…..

          • Gatlinman

            Makes it so that gays like us? lol

        • Kanezona

          Correction, “Kevinjos”, intentional or not, that comment was still directed at the gay community when the word “gay” is used synonymously with “chump, fool, etc.,.” But based on your faulty logic, replacing the word “f*ggot” with “n*gger” or “k*ke” wouldn’t be directed toward the black or Jewish communities, respectively either.

        • Cooler02914

          you a fucking fag, grow some stop acting like a fucking girl, u stupid piece of shit, u fuckin fairy

          • wereinharmony

            you should be fined for cussing… that’s what we’re talking about here… because you are not kobe, you are allowed to say bad words….

      • Ad364

        NO, your wrong and ignorant like most people on the right! Gay and fag have become rap culture lingo in the last few years and now has become everyday slang thanks to rappers like Lil Wayne; who I am sure Kobe Bryant listens to. So in all likely hood, Kobe through listening to hip hop, likely picked it up and now has made it part of his vocabulary. Now that type of language has no place on the court but it’s not like if he knew that referees sexual orientation and said that to deliberately offend him! But that’s not what this was, and like Kobe and Jcsniper 5, I agree that sexual orientation had nothing to do with the slur and he shouldn’t have to apologize to any organization. Gay people, we’re already behind your cause. Don’t start bitching and complaining now!

        • Vlh1130

          so why does it have to be that he picked that up from Lil Wayne. Who said he listens to Lil Wayne and that word has been around long before hip hop even became mainstream. So your comment is stupid

        • Biga272001

          Rap music has nothing to do with it! People were saying that word long before rap music was even thought of. If you have nothing intelligent to say then shut up. F@#*ing FAG

        • Keepitclean2011

          First Ad364 it is “you are” not “your”, learn to spell. Culture or not you would not like anyone calling you or anyone you love a “faggot”, now would you. He is a professional basketball player that is paid millions, the court is his office. If I call a co-worker a “faggot” I would surely get fired. We all get angry, but we have to know when to shut up. He owes everyone an apology, gay or straight for his behavior.

          • Fulkfulton

            you could have written you’re that would mean the same thing with less writing. As I read a few more opinions I’ve noticed some people failed english.

          • sexDemon

            your and you’re are two different things faggot, you probably failed english. smh

          • Liquisappie

            Fuck you faggot!

          • Smokey

            You make us all proud…jesus….grow up!

          • Mrsmurf2000

            Saying fuck you fag is wrong. You really don’t need to act that way.

          • wereinharmony

            your lingo, so bad…. you shld be fined…and that’s it….

          • Mrsmurf2000

            This don’t have nothing to do with culture. The guy made a mistake by using that word. I don’t think he owe me an apology.

          • Fred

            If you consider the court his office, then he had every right to protest a bad call instead he got hacked with a Tech..heck yeah get mad and cuss.If my boss blamed me for a bad deal like WallStreet and wrote me up and I tried to protest that it was a bad call and he suspend me for trying to plead my case, I would call his ass a faggot, not in his face,not as a gay a chump cuz he could be a hugh womanizer. He jepordized my job. Basketball is these guys job and they get paid to play good basketball. If you got a sore ref that could cost a game..then what???

        • Kanezona

          For someone who’s purportedly “behind” gay people, you might want to rethink the whole contradicting what you’re saying. Using “gay” or “fag” to denote something negative is just that, negative…toward those folks that you’re allegedly supporting. Replace “gay” or “fag” with “Jew” or “Black”…not good.

          • Sharonmcbride15

            R u serious!!!!!!!wat do dat suppose to mean.

        • alphonso

          I’m sure let’s blame it on hip hop. That word was around before, hip hop ever came out. I was using that word back in the 1950’s. That word don’t have nothing to do with hip hop. Ok let’s move on it’s just a word. He was not calling the entire gay community fags. Let’s move on the are more important things in this county than calling some one gay. Did you know that the United States spent 70 billions dollars on prisons from 1987-2007 and 27 billions on education during the same time. Now that’s some thing to talk about. Bryant mad a mistake by using that word now let’s move on.

      • What

        Ignorant punk, that totally different.

      • Valdez_becky

        and you can honestly say you have never used the word faggot right get over yourself freakin idiot!!!!

      • Anonymous

        ohhh it hurt my feelings. BABY

      • Timetoshine

        i say fag all the time…… get over it. lol

        • Kanezona

          And I say “Timetoshine” instead of “dumb f*ck” all the time too!

      • Dinati24

        u must be gay!! drama queen!! how u gonna compare both of those comments!?? really???hmmm…

      • Jabud


      • Liquisappie

        Fuck you Faggot! Calling you that name didn’t get me any where, but it sure made me feel a hell of a lot better and that’s all I care about, not your sensitive ass.

        • trekster

          You might be able to spell. But what you have to say needs to be cleaned up.

        • :-)

          Your a cunt!!!!!!!!!



        • Lanelink

          Do you teach your children to say these things or do you say them arount children? Do you feel better now?

      • Elf0321

        that’s what happens when you’re a fagggottt, you become very sensitive like a freaking girl. Oh! you hurt my feelings, you missed up my self-esteem.! get over it! you don’t want to be called a faagoott quit suckinng each other’s genitalia.

        • SickNtiredofthecrybabies

          I totally agree with what you said. For the gay community have some guilt built up inside about being Gay so why do they choose to live such a life style. Besides they call each other gay too and make comments about straight people like there is something wrong with being straight. Go Figure!!!! All of these faggets are getting on my nerves with there crying. Lol!!!!

      • slickrick

        i hope you are not a white man calling people a nigger!

      • Jburd3361

        Good analogy

      • Jesse777

        Bet you felt good saying that……releasing supressed thoughts bloo? I will premise my comments by saying hate speach is wrong. I don’t condone or allow my family to speak like that. Bloo, if your a guy, you know the word was used in a context that had absolutely nothing to do with the gay community. Ask 20 guys in a room to tell you thier immediate thought of what he meant and I’d bet none of them would scream “Homophobia”. People really need to relax and look at the context of a comment before they lose it and turn it into a reason for a world-wide crusade. I honestly think he should have done a better job of keeping his composure and should apologize and be fined for his rediculous outburst but what you said is honestly more “Hate Speech” than his comment was. He has been tried for a sex crime so I’ll give you the “Rapist” joke but the other comment eminated from your obvious hatred for his race……

        • SickNtiredofthecrybabies

          At least his suppose sex crime wasn’t with a Fagget!!!!!!!!!!! You must like it in the rear, you stink assssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!

      • Escottie

        I gurantee you wouldnt say that in real life to anyones face. That is totally different and you look stupid, arrogant, and racist.

      • Darius

        Yeah you got alot of hatred in you this was your opportunity to let some out, i guess it’s also ok to call people a child MELESTER CRACKER you could careless about the name calling, to a racist its about who said it a blackman and thats bs about hurtful names coming from you, you just called Kobe a rapist nigger and as far as Kobe needs to apologize to the gay community they don’t deserve dit’o 0 if anyone derserves an apology it’s the ref so stop crying get your heads out your but people…. if they don’t change their life around they will be hell bound GOD MADE ADAM AND EVE NOTHING INBETWEEN !!!

      • Cooler02914

        shut the fuck up, pussy

    • WOW

      Watch your mouth Jcsniper5!!!!!!!! Saying those words are no different than saying the N word.

      • 215phi

        are you serious? If I call someone a “bastard” is that the same as calling someone a “cracker”? NO. Calling someone a faggot is NOT a racial slur. Gay people are a not a race of its own.

        People are so sensitive. So I guess calling you a idiot for your comment is a racial remark too, huh? smh

      • Liquisappie

        you must be a nigger fag!

        • ggheds

          you a racist prick

        • Tigger58_2

          You could be a nigger too!! Look up the word in Webster’s, it is defined as anyone that is nasty or dirty, no specific race is given until you get to the slang – what he said was out of anger and the media as it is is blowing it up as it does with any and every small thing that happens in this country to anyone with money or status!! Good forum had some good laughs too!! No need to insult one another to make a point….I’m just saying!

    • Johnburnett

      For a Black person to use that slur is like a white person using the N word. They waant us to stop, they should stop.

      • Thomasl333

        bull shit,go to hell. if your gay almost anything upsets you people these days,you want freedom,but are not willing to give it!


        that is diffrent white people use the word also. how do you sound

      • Mrsmurf2000

        This don’t have nothing to do with color. Don’t try to make this out of a race thing. There are a lot of black gay people to.

    • Jmann

      yeah, big deal! who cares?

      • Slikrik1963

        Everyone in the hood no exactly what he was referring too, maybe not the best way to go about channeling his anger, instead hit ‘um for 40 or 50.

        • Mrsmurf2000

          You don’t have to be in the hood to know who Kobe was talking to.

    • SaySo

      This is insane. When a straight man calls another straight man a faggot or gay, he does not mean it in a homosexual way. Webster needs to update the definition of those words like they do any other. When a straight man calls another straight man a faggot or gay, he is simply implying that that man has woman like tendencies or qualities. In NO WAY is it a knock to the homosexual community. If any other man is reading this and they agree with me , please say so.

      • FacesLoaded

        What you say is true but if I(im white) go up to a black dude and “sup nigga” most would be offended and if i(im also straight) go up to a gay guy and say “sup faggot” he would be offended,
        its offensive language to someone, yes every word can be offensive but the faggot is always wrong to use and people should stop using it. Its demeaning and tasteless…

        • Bilal

          well faggots are faggots, I mean they are already offended because they are faggots, fag…got what I mean LOL
          If i was in their place I would commit a community suicide, I would happy in hell and make the earth straight again and will not hear people cursing using my designation. but i am not in their place so let them live with

      • trekster

        Im gay. And the term doesnt bother me, coming from friends or family. Just like the N word dont bother some of you, coming from friends or family. I know they are not being mean when they say it. I dont think Kobe should have said it. I wouldnt yell the N word. With the media like it is and the money he makes. He should have used more self control. Its only a game silly…LOL

        • tono

          uhhggg jesus christtt

        • Jcobb

          its more that just a game, it is his career, his life. People curse all the time especially in sports, yes they should always try to watch what they say but its in the moment of the game, people need to chill out and not be so up tight about what is being said in the world, its not being directed towards anyone in specific so why cry about it. Its part of the game so let him be, no fine, no suspension, so apology is needed for what ever it is that he said, we can read his lips but i personally didnt hear anything.

          • trekster

            He didnt offend me. I would just watch it. The media is.
            I let words stop bothering me years ago. Im amazed at the high school profanity some of you are using on this blog. Silly men…Grow up. LOL
            Oh…I better use spell check so the grammer queen dont get me…:)

          • Mrsmurf2000

            He apology and got fined $100,oo0 now let’s move on.

        • ChadOchoCinco

          lol pickle lover.

        • Mrsmurf2000

          Let’s be real everyone have used words that were wrong to say. He got mad people say things when the get mad. I know you have said things that were wrong.

      • Elpinchedemonio

        dude you could not have said it any better! Many people here are acting like fags with their nuts stapled to their panties. Why must sensitive people always seek apologees? Maybe fat people should start an Org. for them when they’re insulted or ugly people or dumb blondes. Everyone eventually gets made fun of in some way whether it be race, driving skills, weight, sexual preference or anything stupid they might do. Get over it.

      • Mrsmurf2000

        Man you are 100% right what he said had nothing to do with the gay community. Right on.

    • Mjginvest

      Just get over it already – who gives a shit. It was done out of anger and that’s that. I’m not even a Kobe fan but leave him alone – I personally say that phrase a lot and I’m not referring to any “homosexuals”. Damn flamers.

    • Michael5599

      Yes, all these homos need to chill out…grow up. In the heat of anger many things are said about all of us, don’t you all remember the play ground.

    • Fugly27

      Just a bunch of fags…..supporting fags.

      • Marine


        I’m STR8 as an arrow, however, wrong is wrong. Think of all of the youths watching his negative behavior.

        Supposed it’s your kid and thinks it’s ok to say such a thing. By the way, I’m straight from the streets, but I grew older and wiser.


    • HumansRAVirus

      I’d expect nothing less from an overpaid nigger.

      • C.e.y


      • Jared W.

        us a white people pretend that we want equalty for all people and we care so much about our racist past but we still continue call black people niggers and they don’t care let a much outdated past die and i’m sure he has more money than your hole family. you are just a broke pice of work

      • Mrsmurf2000

        Hey punk watch you mouth. You don’t really need to used those words.

    • Fulkfulton

      I agree fight back,stop whinning,don’t use the media for YOUR own recognition or gratification. There is a solution go straight and you won’t get offended.

    • Kleman 18

      sound like someone is gay themselve

    • Kanezona

      So had some white player shouted out “f*cking n*gger” to Kobe, that would have been alright. I mean, hey, it’s how they get their anger out, right?! Spare me.

    • Randolph Reinbeck

      Try going up to your boss and call him a f___ing fag during a debate about your work. Then stop whining when you are fired. Athletes are paid good money for their skills and to be professional not to stoop to the antics of a child.

    • Dee

      Yeah right, I wonder what the fallout would be if someone called Kobe an F—ing Nigger? Even if spoken in a moment of anger. You can bet reverend (?) jesse jackson and al sharpton would be all over the news networks.

  • bbu43


  • James

    If the ref were actually homosexual it would be different and then very offensive. My cousin and his friends say the “N” word constantly, to each other and to me. One time I was called a N**** twice in a 3 word sentence. Yeah, it was an in-the heat-of-the-moment kind of remark that we’ve all made and in hind-sight wish we didn’t. In less important basketball news; there is something called the playoffs that are right around the corner…

  • MatthewS

    If a white player had called a referee (of any race) the n-word, how would Kobe Bryant react? That’s the real question.

    I give him credit for quickly saying that this does not reflect his views on LGBT, but he and everyone need to understand that it’s just not ok to use the word, anymore than it’s ok to say the n-word when angry.

    And how about this: maybe a guy who makes MILLIONS of dollars for playing a GAME that he loves for only about HALF of the year could grow up a little, and not curse and throw towels when something doesn’t go his way. He’s acting like a 5 year-old.

    • triplb44

      Don’t act like you have never gotten mad or frustrated and thrown something or slammed an object I wish people would just stop acting like they live in a perfect wold where they do not cuss or say mean things or do anything bad… I think you may jealous that you aren’t Kobe playing a GAME for MILLIONS of dollars… Get over it!!!!! People are way too sensitive now and they act as if they have never used any offensive or obscene language everybody needs to quit being fake and get over it’ not that freakin serious.

    • Lorenzo Saucedo

      You give him to much credit on his age. He is just a overpaid scumbag. He surely cries like bitvh (which he is a bitch)

  • Coffee2000

    It’s not that serious…he appologized lets move on!

    • Lanelink

      Tell that to all the kids that saw the game. He is a real role model????

  • Simon

    He apologized. Move on. Kobe didn’t drive by a gay bar and yell that. It was at a ref who called a TF and it slipped out in anger. He should use this opportunity to oppose homophobia and call for tolerance of all people. Admit that he was wrong to use that phrase and make a donation to a G/L/TG org. Reasonable people will not make more of this than it is. A loose tongue under pressure.

  • Erunnerstyler

    I wouldn’t put to much credence on what comes out of someone’s mouth who has no integrity whatsoever!! Guess he’s forgotten he was in the news not that long ago.

  • Bkoch_709

    Explain to me how cursing is ok in any situation? You CAN find alternatives to using curse words. As someone who has used them myself, I realized that it just makes you sound more stupid when you resort to using language like that. The fact that most people think it’s ok just shows how crappy this world has become. No I’m not gay, but I don’t agree with the gay lifestyle either. There are better ways to express emotion that dropping stuff like that.

    • Jaded2011

      Because its just language. Faggot is just another word, like Yellow or Harmonica. Everybody needs to settle down and remember the old “sticks and stones” thing we learned as children.

      • Goodguy

        Nigger is just another word too.

      • UneedValium

        Couldnt have said it better myself

  • Pedro Vaz

    Is so society getting sodumb that a guy cannot throw the good old-fashioned “F” insult anymore? Is Orwell “1984” THAT close?? Gezzzz…

  • skinsfan85

    Not real sure who the author of this article is, doesn’t really matter, just want to say he needs to get a reality check….it seems to me that the media watches these athletes like vultures waiting on something to die…and then smother all of us with thier “holier than thou” attitudes and opinions…

  • Anonymous

    Why this is issue ? Because of homosexuals censoring media? It becomes ridiculous.

  • diahann

    comeon people say many crazy things when they are upset or angry now if he had been calm and walked up to the rep and said that then i would be angry at kobe but how many of us have said mean crazy stupid bad things when we were mad or upset i know i have

  • gaysportsfan

    He’s a fucking nigger, what do you expect?

    Is it ok for me to say that?

    Words hurt.

    • Joe

      So is your mamma

      • gaysportsfan


    • Jason

      Words only hurt if you allow them to hurt. I am Jewish and hear all kinds of slurs. GET OVER IT.. Be proud of who you are and what you are!!!!

      • gaysportsfan

        Jason, I agree with what you’re saying. However, most young people don’t have the thick skin that we adults have acquired through time and experience. I counsel young people everyday who turn to suicide (or cutting themselves, or abusing drugs, or a number of other actions) because they’re faced, everyday, by society’s ignorance. Anyway, thanks for your comment and be well.

        • Liquisappie

          I am not responsible for your choices. If I call you a faggot and you are to big of a pussy to handle it and then you kill yourself, its on you! You need to learn how to deal with shit. Everybody else has to!

          • gaysportsfan

            First of all, it’s “TOO big of a pussy.” Second of all, actually, you ARE responsible for the actions of another, and vice versa, but I don’t expect someone with a “me, me, me” attitude to comprehend such a thing.

    • MAN

      gaysportsfan: Listen fag, you can say what you want it all depends on your attitude and how you say it. I have a fag friend and I say to him “hey fag” and I say hey nigger to my friends. You seem like a fudgepacking white guy with no friends of other backgrounds or culture. Quit being gay and watch the game.

      • gaysportsfan

        Hey Man….before you start spewing your ignorance, you might want to think twice. If you call your gay friends “fag” and you call your black friends “nigger” and they’re ok with that, then that’s fine. Obviously, that is understood within your relationship. However, when a huge public figure goes around using those words, they CAN and DO hurt and a lot of young people (boys especially) that are dealing with their sexual identity and sometimes only see suicide as a way out. I should know, I’m a counselor and I see it EVERYDAY. I find it funny that you used the term “fudgepacking.” Talk about IGNORANT. The biggest fudgepackers I know are my straight friends who love to fudgepack their girlfriends. But that’s ok, right? Your ignorance is deafening. Of course, I don’t expect you to understand. Most macho straight men have NO CLUE. Anyway, be well and take care. Blessings.

        • MAN

          At least your response was fair. But no one can be politically correct 100% of the time. You and media need to understand that even stars are human. And for those who play sports understand that dirty language is part of the game. For those who dont understand go throw a ball around outside and not via XBOX. People cant stop expressing themselves. And about suicide, come on dude save that talk for Dr Phil not the NBA.

          • gaysportsfan

            Man, thanks for the response. I agree with your statement that we can’t be 100% PC all of the time (nor should we have to), however, as a high school counselor, I’m telling you, kids are very attuned to what people in high places are saying. It does affect them, believe it or not. Anyway, I appreciate the civil discussion. I hope you’re well, wherever you may be.

        • Mrsmurf2000

          Man get real no one is going to kill them self because, Kobe called some one a fag.

          • gaysportsfan

            You might like to think not, but my experience, sadly, proves otherwise.

  • Liz

    Why have we become so hypersensitive? Kids use the word “gay” all the time, but they’re not saying it in reference to homosexuality. They say it out of anger and ignorance. That doesn’t make it right, but there’s a big difference between homophobia and ignorance. Let’s address ignorance, and stop turning everything into a federal case.

    • GWM

      He didn’t call the man “gay”. He called him a fucking faggot. BIG difference. Kinda like the difference between referring to someone as “nigger” instead of black…or african american….or person of color.

  • Therapist

    he said Bigot, Bennie the bigot

  • Kevinjos

    I hear other gays call each other faggots, and they laugh about it. This was just another opportunity for the too many gay organizations to get there name in the paper. Kobe does not owe gays any apology. To compare what Black people have gone through with the Gay Movement is a travisty. The Gay movement hitching a free ride on a real struggle. A white person calling me a nigger means nothing. It will never go away. A gay person being called a faggot. It will never go away.

    • Brycetx1

      A white person call a black person nigger DOES mean something…to the black person. They call each other niggers, but it’s not ok for someone of another race to call them a nigger.

    • FacesLoaded

      so for any group of ppl before the can dislike anything they should go through slavery or a holocaust?

      • trekster

        Like you went through either.

    • lyrical

      maybe cuz your one of them gays lol

    • Niggarachi1

      you are a nigga

    • Bobmurh3645@YAHOO.COM

      with your attitude nothing will ever change and gays struggle everyday also. Why is it a travisty ? You are not deined your rights anymore. In some states you can still be denied jobs and housing due to your sexual orientation . . Rights your group obtained along time ago. I guess once you get a equal footing you dont care about others right

  • LazloTu

    Obviously, this is another ‘correctness’ issue; while it’s important to be respecful of ‘choices’, it IS at times difficult to always be ‘politically correct’.
    Consider, if you will, the ‘cheap shots’ between political sparing, and many other situations.

    However, that said, I must say that ‘individuals’ do, in the heat of the moment, reveal their feelings – I’ll give Kobe a pass on this, yet, he will need to make a statement.

    Reality is that everyone has, over the course of a lifetime, been instilled with various impressions, views, attitudes, beliefs, that impact who we are today. We are NOT a ‘clean slate’, and, therefore, WE as individuals are works in process.

    Let’s ‘recognize’ while also realizing the complexity of ‘who and what we are’.

  • Karl Bratcher

    I think we all played basketball at some point in our lives, mostly when in our teens. Nothing has changed over the years reflecting the largest age group of people watching professional basketball are those same minors mentioned.

    How is it acceptable, in any format, for any professional player, publicly shout obscenities, especially those of racist slurs? I hold guilty, as such, and accordingly I will not no longer allow any video or audio coverage, under my control, to be seen or heard within my home that might include Kobe or his associates, or team, as well as any sponsors of such. Life is far too short to endure the likes of any element of this type.

  • me

    What Kobe said is wrong. Specially since he is a minority as well. White males should be the only ones who think calling someone a fag is ok. I know for sure that if I was the ref, I would have called him a nigger in return. And most likely I would’ve lost my job. Kobe needs to be kicked in the mouth later washed with detergent.

  • Very Angry

    This should be fully investigated and even proscuted. This type of behavior is what poisons our youth, It must be fully and swiftly dealt with. He should never be allowed to play the game ever again.

    • Brandon406

      you’re a fag

      • FacesLoaded

        so much hate you all need a bullet in the head to get rid of you all.


      You must be a faggot

    • Iggypop769

      homohomohomohomohomohomo go suck some dicks faggot

    • KHLOE

      It is ignorant people like you that should be locked in a mental hospital. He made a remark…big deal. Like you never say anything wrong; you’re perfect, right? Give me a break, SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MAN

      shut the fuck up fag

    • Jason

      What poisons our youth is all the crap the parents let the m watch on Television.

    • opformigs

      to say he should never play the game again. wow, you really are an idiot. thankfully you can do no harm other than to say such moronic things. this is the behavior that poisons our youth? how many of our youth actually watched this happen. Or would it be better to say that you, like the rest of the media morons who need to have a story line, are caught up in making a mountain out of a mole hill. people get angry. they might even say something stupid. how about you take your holier than though attitude and put it to something positive.

    • Blackiejohnson

      nice troll

    • Anonymous

      Hey your in left field. Look around and deal with it you cry baby.

    • Mrsmurf2000

      What have poison our youth is not Kobe and other sports personnels. You have to blame on the parents.

  • meanbusiness

    bfd – give him a double testicle and move on.

  • Emanuel

    LOL…. He’s frustrated emotions get the best of professional athletes they are in the spotlight 24 7. People shop at TARGET and they are Anti-Gay are we going to make a blog about it? If we think its ok to say gay slurs it’s not its just that don’t point out the black athlete who works so hard to build his image back up and then we leave the white owned billion dollar companies out of the picture.

  • joe

    What is a faggot?

    • Dabklyn

      A faggot is a group of sticks put together to be used for a fire!!!!!

  • Blah blah blah

    I couldn’t care less about Kobe but for chris’sakes, seriously? Does the media have nothing better to focus on? He said something he prob shouldn’t have, so… let’s crucify him and remind him and anyone that will listen that this is EXACTLY what is bringing this country to it’s knees (and that is no reference to KB’s Denver indiscretions). Things get heated on the playing field and players do need to let off steam. May not be the best way to do it but, hey, it happens. It’s clear when you look at the video that he wasn’t saying it from the heart. Just letting off steam.

    I’m sure YOU have never said anything like that. Never. You’re perfect.

    Let’s all get over ourselves, shall we?

  • lebron’s mom

    (Never convicted)-RAPIST NIGGER!



  • Killerbunnyz99

    Well the ref was being a fucking faggot. Kobe was right.

    • Tenlugo

      and Kobe was being a fucking thug nigger. So get over it.

  • Carsoncourier4u

    If i was kobe i would apologize to the Ref and if any organizations wanted to bitch and complain about it let em…he is a basketball player not Jesus..white people still call black people the “N” word, and black people call black people the “N” word just like gay people call each other the “f” word. We have become a country of whinning babies. i support your KOBE your job and go home to your family and let everybody else bitch and moan

  • What

    Big deal people, you can’t take everything too serious. RELAX. The gay and lesbos are draining the morality of the civil rights already. I would be offended if I was a black person, because the gladd always compare themselves with the black slaves, now that’s an insult.

  • Lakercrazy

    Even before the tech, I felt that particular ref had it in for Kobe and was calling the game much closer than normal. I saw it when he said it and called a friend in Minneapolis about it. Can understand his anger and it was a “quick” technical, but Black Mamba lost his cool that time! Nothing to do but apologize and hope there’s no suspension going into the playoffs….

  • dramirez14

    That reff was on a power trip! lol but kobe probably should keep his effin mouth shut. Way to stay “composed” kobe….idiot.

  • jimbo1948

    Kobe was wrong and the league should suspend him. They have been trying to get away from the “thug” image for sometime now, requiring suits and handing out fines and suspensions. Kobe is no different. The term is derogatory and offensive, try using it on your dad and see how he feels? Kobe’s apology was typical. He is not the best of role models, despite his popularity!

    • Anonymous

      Derogatory and offensive for who???

  • Jayrasta77

    so what? the world has become so obssesed with words. Kobe is not a real person , he does not live in reality, he is a figure of the american imagination, a 32 year old black man who has been accused of rape….pause….gets paid a insane amount of money to….here it comes…put a ball in a hoop, not teach our children, build bridges , save lives, nope,,,put a ball in a hoop..thats all. We should not care what he says…did he ven go to college,,, so lets get this right our media runs this story, while our nation is becoming-“lil waynizied”- stupid, incomprehnsible, materalistic and just plain fcukin stupid, and this is wht we worry about…SO WHAT… if you gay , be gay dont nobody care ,, but you. Everybody gets called something in this life…deal with it.. and to care about what this brainless asshole thinks is a waste of resourecs and time..ONLY IN AMERICA . could we waste precious time talking about a douche like Kobe….,

  • Jaymarlo88

    i see nothing wrong with the comment, white ppl still call colored ppl niggers n we take it, we dnt make a fuss about it cause we are proud to be niggers ‘faggot’ comes under the same line, i thinks the gays should be proud of who they are n their uniqueness and stop making sladder and names come around them.

    • FacesLoaded

      wat about the NAACP and Mr. Sharpton hmmm

  • Carsoncourier4u

    you can degrade black women all day long but God forbid if you say something about a dog or gay person all hell breaks loose….uuuggghhh…what happened to people having some backbone?

    • kingmandingo

      damm right nigger my hoes can have all this freedom we talk bout

  • Jason

    big deal. We have all used words and slurs in certain times. GET OVER IT people.. I wish people would put as much effort into putting pressure on politicians as they do silly things like this..

  • Michael Donovan

    the “f” word is the most beautifully versatile and widely used word in the english language…”faggot” as in idiot, has been in every sportsman’s vernacular for generations…what a wussy time in america for free speech, thought and action….political correctness should be outlawed as a crime against honesty, truth and humor…in other words, “F..K” these moral inquisitors…


      If you consider it beautifull you must really love the works nigger, spic, kike wop and lets not forget mick. You must be real intelligent, white trash. What trailer park do you live in.

  • D gus hardy

    The N word has one meaning and is only offensive if used on a black person and we all know that. the F*ggot word has one meaning and is only offensive if used on a homosexual and im sure we all know that also.

    • Anonymous

      And your point is???????????????

  • mojo1

    Who gives a shit about those filthy, diseased faggots. I’m pissed at Kobe for apologizing. Being called a faggot is the worst name I could be called. If I was the ref I would beat Kobe’s ass….

    • FacesLoaded

      bang! you need to be killed. clean this country up. its filled with so much hate.

    • kingmandingo

      heyyy …. faggot…..i did it! i did it! …do i run now …

  • Anonymous

    I’d agree that it is NOT used as a deragoatory reference to homosexuals. It is one of those terms that has evolved over time, and is used primarily to refer to someone as a no-good chump. (for lack of a better term). If words can evolve from normal everyday use, to refer to someone’s sexual preference. (gay) why can it go the other way? You all should hear your little 12-year-old sons playing Call of Duty… Man. Makes Kobe’s use of the term mild.

  • Acesn8s

    Well women are called bitches and ho’s by rappers and other blacks are called niggers by rappers. So why is everybody having a cow over this idiot calling a ref a faggot? While we allow rap (and I say this term lightly) musicians use the same language and broadcast it to millions on instruments that can be played over and over?

  • DAL65

    Who knows maybe the ref was a faggot. Who cares what GLAAD thinks

  • kdc

    People need to quit being so damn sensitive. Like the saying goes, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.” What other people say should mean nothing to you. People need to learn to develop their own self-confidence. I am so tired of political correctness.

  • Joehomie31

    This shouldn’t be too bad. If you have been around for the past 20yrs, you know that the word “fag” doesn’t mean homosexual anymore. The same way “bitch” doesn’t mean female dog anymore. I don’t like Kobe, but this has nothing to do with homosexuals. Just apologize for losing your cool. That’s it, no harm done. “Gay” people shouldn’t get mad. If anybody should get mad, it should be the parents of the kids watching. Even though I’m sure the kids have already heard that word many times themselves.

  • Anonymous

    Guess what? Something like that happens in every single NBA game. They just don’t get caught on camera like that. If the NBA penalizes him for that it had better start censoring all speech on the court. Fine or suspend for every cuss word, every “N” word, every “B” word, every little thing that doesn’t exactly fit with the hypersensitive PC sensitivities of every single social group out there. This PC garbage is WAY out of control. Time to grow a little skin.

  • Doublecab

    i think he should be benched for the rest of the season. he is no better that anyone else. and should be fined the little baby

    • Anonymous

      Are you Doublecab or DoubleCRAPP?????

  • Brendaok2

    Imagine if a white player had called a referee a f&#cking ni#$er? I can almost here the Reverend Al Sharpton calling for that player to be at least suspended and more likel expelled from the league. It seems to me that we have a doublwe standard for black atheletes and entertainers?

    • Anonymous

      No the rev sharpton is also as full of crapp as is gladd. Both ought to STFU!!

    • Mrsmurf2000

      You are putting too much into this. If it would have been a black person Kobe would have said the same thing. This don’t have nothing to do with race.

  • KoineGreekRealist

    It is what it is. It simply is not the respect expected for a player/referee professional relationship nor personally is it consistent with the way Kobe would expect to be treated if something he did was contriversal or not up to professional standards. As for Jcsniper5’s comment and Kobe’s implication his deffinition of what the idiom thrown at the ref means is massively disrespectful to about 10% of the countries population. Mark Fermin was said to have no professional credibility and it was held that Fermin communicated everything but respect and that he held contempt for O J Simpson for his use of a similar idiom. If a power company employee showed up at a tree removal / powerline collaspe incident and called the removal method stupid or unsafe it would be one thing but if the f or n word was shared in the less than close personal relationship he would likely loose his job or face monumental punisment and be used. An explanation like Kobe’s or Fermin’s would not get it.

    Our society has strived to value and elevate equality since its inception. The GLBT community is way overdue for their slice of the American pie. It is no ones concern what goes on in consensual privacy. We also strive to act on the golden rule or like rules universal regardless of faith or cultural values. The double standard for the well paid athlete, actor, or other economic top layer players is contrarty to what America stands for and in my opinion we should aspire to eliminate. We have a hell of a mess from our banks, to our automakers, to the silver screen and our basketball courts while our Police, Teachers, Linemen, and average Janes/ Joes are held to an entirely different standard.

    • Anonymous

      GLBT is way over due their slice of the pie??? you a GLBT apologist or WTF? They aren’t due nothing more than what they go out and earn. And you don’t earn no slice trying to cram your minority views down the majority’s throats.

  • Anonymous

    Kobe said what he said. ( F ) GLADD or any one else. Another case of the very few trying to force us to accept their perverted lifestyles on the majority. They don’t like it stay home thin skinned bunch of PC cry babies. Although ,LOL, I think Kobe shouldn’t have said the F word.

  • Jgrate21

    u must be a fag das y u gettin offensive

  • Aa

    you’re all a bunch of faggot ass raping niggers

  • Lwhayes2001

    there is no doubt he said faggot! fine suspension all that stuff wont change what he said


    Did he say it to you specifically? No…then shut up. If glaad makes this into a bigger
    storm than it really is, then I know they use incidents like this to make their agenda work
    and get their point across. Sad, sad, and pathetic.

  • MAN

    Just watch the game and score board. This is sports and if you cant play or watch the game played by men shut the fuck up and get out.

  • Rmilke145

    come on! thats different sports. men being men. always trash talking. cussed. doesn’t matter it. deal with it. i called faggot mean what….lazy people thats why Ref is lazy. u dont like it. kiss my shit ass. or lick my asshole. u like it or not. shut up.

  • Amckanic

    kobe if I can read your lips then you think others cant, well the poor choice of words can and will get people in situation they dont like.

  • Alt Chud

    I read this and people just don’t get it. This is not a bunch of immature high schoolers in the locker room. The word professional means something. The use of FF as a negative does nothing but devalue a segment of our society. The idea that he just made an urban expression is nonsense, Kobe went to one of the wealthiest and highly regarded suburban high schools in PA and pulled the grades. He is not ignorant. The issue is not Kobe, but the fact that it is still ok to call people faggots and a large segment of our society accept it as normal. Hate is a human trait that we CHOOSE not to change because it does not profit us to do so. Kobe is a product of our society, a pampered athlete that can’t see beyond the windshield of his Benz. Why should we expect anything better, being a good person is simply not part of the job description.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the sermon Father chud. Now piss off with your pious and PC blathering.

    • Rmilke145

      thats right! DEAL WITH IT!

  • Gideonstorm

    GOOD GOSH. REALLY!!! I’m black male from the south……I’ve been called “N” word to my face and walked away. Any word only has meaning if you let it have meaning. This is a free country and the word is not illegal. It may not be right or politically correct but I’ve personally heard homosexuals call each other much worse, should they have their gay card revoked, no. We wonder why the country is where it is, worrying about trivial things inside a basketball game.

    • Anonymous

      Finally, someone who gets it.

      • Rmilke145

        AHEM! i am white dude. no one prefect colors.

      • Oldboyztoyz

        Charles Barkley says anti white shit all the time and nobody calls him the racist that his fat ass is.

  • El Chico51

    How do you know he wasn’t calling him a cigarette? If my memory suites me right that word is English slang for cigarettes. I guess all English ppl should apologize?

  • Dinati24

    who gives a sh*t?? the gays?? god knows that they aint too fond of straight people!! they call us breeders for gods sakes! as if it were a bad thing!! people need to grow up and stop trying to force they’re ways of life on society, if u dont like gays then so f*cking what! who says we all have to like their sexual preference and respect it??? im not homophobic but this is going way too far!! why do i have to explain gay posters to my child when i go to the city? why do i have to sugar coat the obvious. keep ya gay shit to yourself! no offense to whoever is gay. but really? come on! if kobe said a gay slur, then i say let it be, apologize and keep it moving!! NEXT!!!

  • Simanny1

    I wonder what would happen if a white ref called him the n word ??????? Freedom of speech ?????

  • Anonymous

    leave kobe alone, its just words. people who can’t deals with words need counsling. people today are a bunch of babies they can’t handle insults. i’m sure players over the years have said alot worse then faggot. i sorry i can resist lol but all this about what kobe said it just gay. lol

  • Liquisappie

    F… all f……’s

    • Liquisappie

      I mean fuck all faggots. Who care about fags anyways. I know I don’t. Do something about it!

  • Funkychitlinz

    Eat a dick GLAAD, straight up in yo’ mutha fuckin mouth, coz you own the concept of language like a gnat owns the dog whose dick it lands on….

  • Michael Rebholz

    as a gay man i wish we could all stop taking every comment out of every one’s mouth as evidence of some bias! kobe obviously didn’t mean the ref sleeps with other men and kobe hates it. he just said stupid call in a colorful way. if this offends u get a life

  • al;sdkjflkntlk;ewjr

    Kobe is a good player. I am saying this as someone who doesn’t cheer for LA. He is a good player. But after his last incident he needs to watch what he does. He is one of the most look up to player in the NBA. He just needs to watch himself next time.

  • Clevdon


    • guest

      They are all being human beings. We humans mess up because we are human. Try forgiveness rather than revenge. Do two wrongs make a right? If humans would forgive then this would be forgotten.

  • beeman

    The guys a basketball player not a PC icon. If the PC nazis can’t find something better to do, they need to try harder. Wonder how many times Kobe has been called a nigger by some white diviant?

  • Being an American

    So what! a f** is a f**; a N***** is a N*****; and a J** is absolutely a J**!!! So what!

  • Klynn19778

    Not Cool? So what! You mean not Politically correct. So what! STOP whinning Gay and Lesbian america. So you hate your titles. Shut up!

  • Wes

    Dumb, especially in the media age. Channel the anger into something productive like running up the score. Now, Kobe has to apologize to not just the ref but to others as well. His sponsors will not tolerate this kind of behavior.

  • rowdy

    seriously this is an issue???? who cares people use the term faggot all the time uhmm isnt it a cigarette in england?! whatever its stupid and he shouldnt have to apologize to anyone.

  • C-Mo

    Blah Blah Blah f-ing Blah… Political correctness at its WORST. He said it, he apologized, it is what it is, case closed. Get over it already.

    All this hyper-sensitivity and people “watch-dogging” TVs just to catch something that isn’t “right” or in line with their agenda is disgraceful. We’ve turned into a society of overly-sensitive, fearful people. So sad.

    Like I said… GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!

  • RevJovial

    what a bunch of thin skinned crybabies. “Somebody called me a bad word…”. Wah, wah, wah. You can’t go anywhere without hearing some gutter language; that’s why speech is a freedom without consequence – oh, unless you’re some little cry baby special interest group who will crucify you for expressing that right. Noah, it’s time to build another ark.

  • Santicris

    He and anyone has the right to say whatever,,,no big deal if we can be called crazy christians and no one comes in our defense take it or leave it No big deal….

  • mamba

    im sure the fags where not even watching the game, im pretty sure most of them dont watch sports. anyways get over already just another media flub! i think its hilarious to watch them get all frustrated and angry.

    • Niggarachi1

      lmfao!! how could they be watching, they were probably busy taking a dick up the ass and being gay as fuck.

  • Indigoexotica


  • fan24

    Where does free speech factor in? Isn’t this supposed to be a free country?? As human beings we are emotional creatures and not many of us can say that we have never let our emotions get the best of us from time to time. Its easy to say bad things when we are upset or angry. People need to stop taking everything in life so personal. Anyone who is a fan of sports should understand the high level of emotions that can cause players to lose their cool…C’mon people its Playoff time and the pressure is on!!!

  • Benatnight

    As a gay man I can honestly tell you that I don’t care. The guy is just another knuckleheaded black sports player who probably goes home and beats up (or worse) women. Who cares? The guy is black; a very unintelligent race. Oh please. “But Obama is president!” I rest my case.

  • Bhmedeh

    well homos, fags, lesbians, trans are still unusual, i mean when they become 90% of the population of the world one might take into consideration not including them in cussing.
    well they must get over it, I mean the got over their weird situation in life there is no harm in a couple of words.
    GO Lakers 😀

  • Mrebz

    benatnite I hope u never bitch about us gays being stereotyped or denigrated u u racist p.o.s!!!!

  • does it matter

    Realize it world hate will forever be there you cannot stop it …live with it no fight back yes..everytime fight back for if you do not then people feel it is ok to let jerks like kobe say what they say and get away with never live with it…

  • Dabklyn

    Are people really this uptight that we are blogging about an NBA superstar cursing???? WTF?? If Mr. Adams is upset about it, let him work it out with Kobe!!! I’m willing to bet that Kobe is not the first, and sure as hell won’t be the last to use them 2 words in succession!! If people really wanna blog why not talk about some shit that actually matters!! And for those who wanna drop the “N-Bomb” like its a freaking ok thing to say…………… well all I have to say about that is GET A FUCKIN EDUCATION PEOPLE!!!! Hell, at least look at a dictionary, if anyone did, well they would find out that the proper definition for the word “faggot” means nothing more than wooden sticks that are to be burnt for fire, regardless if that was the context Kode used it in or not, who the hell is anyone but Bryant to say exactly what he said or meant!!!

  • Ron Jenkins84

    The problem is that this world has become so “politically” correct, you can’t say anything without hurting a certain group of people. They might as well take away our freedom of speech….

  • Stew

    Maybe he was talking about hims^#f

  • M.D.

    If any of you REALLY knew english, you’d know that a faggot is actually bundle of sticks or twigs… look it up!

    • Spectre

      So…he called the ref a bundle of twigs eh? Well he did it with gusto.

  • Marine

    Looks like he said it to me, but I could be wrong. Why shouldn’t he be held accountable for his behaviors just like the ordinary person? Oh, I forgot, he’s an athlete. lol

  • Berry

    He said f*ucking fat. That’s what he said.

  • JJ

    The term “faggot” has never been anything but a derogatory term. However, it is not the least bit surprising to me that Kobe Bryant lost any last vestige of cool that could be attributed to him and spewed the ref with vitriol.
    Like others of his ilk he thinks nothing of it, and as shown by the comments, now days many think it’s perfectly acceptable behavior. (Unless of course someone says it to them.)

  • Slimtee

    I can’t believe that the media would do this….this guy is sitting on the bench, angry, mumbling something that sounds like faggot…and they send it to the public to get gay people and civil rights white people upset. It’s not one of those words that should be compared to the negative words that refer to people of various racial backgrounds. Please don’t compare this word to words like nigger and kite. These slurs have horrible history attached to them. Faggot is used in other forms when guys are competing, joking around, or even out of closeness (friendship). If he said what it seems like he said, he said it to himself and the camera caught it… like ya’ll don’t mumble words that are considered….bad?! You prejudice right-wing and liberal white gay people got to get over this!

    • JJ

      I’m left, straight and of mixed race and I still think what he did is unacceptable.
      There seems to be this theme of “if you’re an athlete, well you just understand the need to blurt out any old thing you want, any time you want.” What crap!
      I may be left leaning, straight in the sexual sense, and grew up in a mixed race environment, but I still think at many levels in sports, sportsmanship needs to make a comeback. So he was angry, maybe he, and many others in sports, need to put on their big boy pants and deal with it in some other way.

  • Mrebz

    actually i was watchin the game and im a fag but i switched it over to army wives in the 3rd

  • Dennis18r

    Ahhh we’ve all said stuff like that and if you say you haven’t your a “f–king lying f-ggot”

  • berry

    gay people should be proud he called someone that. I guess gay’s don’t think it’s right either to be gay since they get offended by it. If they were proud they would not make a big deal about it. You smell what I’m smoking? Of course u do.

  • Mrebz

    the only time i get upset with the word faggot is when somebody’s punching me while saying it 🙂

  • justmyopinion

    i find the media offensive, i find people who are offended by the N word…NIGGER to be exact offensive, i find anyone going wayyy out of there way to be politicaly correct OFFENSIVE. quit yer bitchin niggas, and faggots…you ware what you are, live with it..if its red i call it red, if its a box i call it a box.

  • g-dub

    actually ‘faggot” is old English for small sticks. the gay community just adopted it for some reason and now denies the use of it by all others, similar to the “n” word for another group of people who insist on being victims. If the refs were as quick to call fouls against Kobe as they are to call the ones committed by him, he wouldn’t half the technicals he has gotten this year. The refs in the NBA do a terrible job just about every night.

  • I H 123456

    what happened to freedom of speech?

    • Not gay nor a sports fan

      The 1st Amendment was designed for freedom of SPEECH!!! not freedom of ignorance!! evidently the ignorance that has been bestowed upon you is to the point where you think calling someone a hurtful name is the 1st amendment of our constitution!!

  • gino

    I would have never apologize to these damn gays.

  • Maqtease

    I’d call Bennie Adams a fuckin’ faggot to for making such a bullshit call.

  • Guest Speaker

    That’s the most stupid fine in the professional sports and life I’ve ever heard, seen and no apogoly is necessary! Get over it! The problem right now is the Refs believe they are the Stars on the floor, field and any-other playing surface! We the Fans pay to see the Players not the Refs!

  • Rcpesson

    i would like to know how many of you jerks would have these kind for conversation face to face. That’s all. Every ione hides behing vertual screen and say what ever they want, which I sincerely doubt they wiould say to my face let alone in the presence of each other.

  • Skande

    What’s the big deal? I thought Kobe was making love to refs his whole career? How do you think he gets all those fake foul calls? He has been blowing big zebra dongs his whole career. Lakers fans must feel so betrayed and but hurt because Kobe feels this way about them. Go cry Laker fans, Derrick Rose is going to do Kobe like Michael did Magic- on the basketball court not sexually, you (whatever-Kobe-said)

  • Tampa1400

    While I think his choice of words was childish and ignorant, the more disturbing aspect of the situation was his behavior from start to finish. He threw a tantrum like a toddler! He got called for bad behavior with a technical…then he proceeding to prove everyone else right by kicking a chair, throwing a towel and calling names. My little girl behaves better than that! And OF COURSE the cameras were on him…he was throwing a fit like the baby that he is!

  • The Truth


  • mamba

    this is sooo gay!!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing no one is concerned with the foul language and talking about being an example to kids. Half the problem with today, to liberally correct. News is blowing it all out of proportion. Get over it already.

  • Spectre

    This country has turned into a bunch of little girls. And of course now that I said that, some group representing little girls is going to demand my apology, a fine and probably some jail time.

  • macrjohna

    Before long the socialist leftist agenda will be condemning people who tell the truth about anything. Then the only time we can speak our mind is when the Speach Pzar gives you the OK. It is insulting to fine someone for speaking their mind, unless it is a threat of the safety of another. Calling someone a name is not a threat. It is at the most hurtful and in bad taste, but as I read in an earlier post, get over it!!

  • C.e.y

    Kobe Bryant should not even be on the court,he raped a girl and payed his way out of it. the ref. should file a lawsuit aganist him to be banned from basketball. He thinks he owns the refs. He will never be better than jordan,bird,johnson on or off the basketball court.C.E.Y.

  • Mrs.Depp

    Actually, “bloo45” it not like calling him a “rapist nigger”, for one because he was never convicted of all of his charges ( innocent until proven guilty) and two because being black is not the same as being gay. When I walk into a room people instantly know I’m black; the same cannot be said of gays. So, huge difference. And lastly, let’s not forget freedom of speech no matter how offensive, hurtful or heedless it may be. You have the right to say it. So stop being such a pussy America. If you’re really that mad, don’t watch the Lakers. They’ll still win without you.

  • Insomniac6

    Wow… Lots of comments.. I just read ALL of them. Who fucking cares by the way? People need to understand that we DO NOT, in any way, live in a fucking world of perfect peace. Bullshit to that. Anger, anger. People make a big deal about anger. It’s an emotion. If God made us without that emotion, we wouldn’t have this problem. Some people just have an easier time controlling it than others! I’m 14 and go to a high school where swear words are said constantly. Faggot is used against me all the time, and I just ignore it.. Or say shut up, on of the two (it doesn’t help yelling it back). Also, I’ve heard the fuck and shit words both in NBA AND college basketball games, very clearly. I’m sure other people have too. Those words are caught on camera. People don’t make big deals about that now do they? I sure don’t, because I’m not a perfectionist, unlike some trollers and other commenters on here. Of course, people are going to respond to this saying stuff like “get a life” and “fucking faggot” and most of all “stupid-ass 14 year old bullshit comment.” And, yes, in fact, it is. Yeah, I need to get a life. I don’t take stuff seriously ANYMORE, and you people shouldn’t either. GET OVER IT! Thank you (:

  • Blip56

    gays have more power than the president. an for freedom of speech thats a joke

  • Mdld5

    Kobe is the fall guy for a much bigger problem…this was in the heat of the moment so for all of you throwing stones take a look in the mirror!

  • Borami5

    lol what a homophobic piece of shit

  • Mdld5

    It’s not the first time it won’t be the last…David Stern has to make an example out of Kobe…if the camera man was recording the game instead of Kobe this would not be an issue. To the guy who made the racial slur you are a f%*#ing you know what.

  • Got over it

    is the ref gay? if not then does it matter that he was called a faggot?

    • Seiaaro

      Yes it matters… the word Fag or Faggot is not a very tolerant word for someone who is homosexual. That like me who is Asian using the word Nigger, or Kike, or Round Eye to describe an African America, Jewish person, or Caucasian…. Its hate speech don’t do it…

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone looking at Overseer David Stern? His “Respect for the Game” is killing Pro Basketball.
    I’ve been a basketball fan since the early 60s. This is an emotional JOB. The workers (players) must be aloud to vent some of these emotions. They are not Robots. Stern is killing the sport and if this continue I will not be watching or spending any money on Pro Basketball.
    “Respect For The Game”, Is this the 21 Century way for saying “The Master Is still In The Big House”???
    I ask this question because most of the people WORKING ON THE FLOOR are descendants of former slaves!
    Where is David Sterns responsibility in this and other Tech call this season?? Is this Respect or just Master wants CONTROL?

  • respect due

    Big fucking mistake Kobe,hope you know that you are done,youve pushed the envelope one time too many but then youve always been on a path of self destruct.Yo man,i thought you had finally grown up.THese people are super powerful Kobe,they will shut your ass down.BRO,That word is new N.word.Dont use it and then say you didnt mean it.Might as well say you said and so what.Bro,ease up man,you go hurt yourself.A Brother is in the White House,dont embarrass him.You know you done fucked up,whats wrong with you?

  • kobe bryant

    ref is a fagget!!!

    • Seiaaro

      How would you know Kobe? A little one on one time with the ref? Most people are super homophobic, tend to be that way because they cannot come to terms that they are homosexual.

  • Ttmix

    I do believe in freedon of speech. I also believe that you should also be man enough to accept the resposibilty of your words. Why Fag? and not “Hey ref that was a bull**it-assed call” …..Face it Kobe apologists….Kobe is a punk assed Michael Jordan wanna be..He will never be as good as Jordan was, not enough heart.

  • Seiaaro

    Nigger, Kike, Ape, Banana, Fag, Aunt Jemima, Dago, WOP, Towel Head, Chink, Jap, Coon, Christ Killer, Cracker, Wet back, House Nigger, Limey, Camel Jockey, Red Neck, Round Eye, Spic, Wigger, Yank….. Freedom speech? I think not… More like HATE speech.

  • king

    If Kobe was fined, then we need to fine every bleep we see on regular T.V. Hey, if I’m sitting with my 11 yr old daughter channel surfing and can read someones lips saying something deogritory and either I or my daughter is offended, then what’s the difference. The bleeps do nothing. They need to scramble the mouth in addition to the bleeps. What kind of message are we sending our children. Shame on the camera operator too. He/she should know better, that this sport brings out very high emotions and most normal people will have a similiar reaction. I doubt Kobe meant anything by it.

  • Spectre

    OMG! HE MADE A SLUR!!! This country is fast becoming a bunch of little girls. Of course now that I said that, some “little girl” advocate group will demand an apology from me as well as a fine and probably some jail time.

  • Petkoag

    you guys are all so messed up, first kobe in no way blamed the gay community for his technical but should know better. I play basketball in a league and when i get fired up i say everything in my head. once i got a game winning layup, and put my head in my jersey and cussed for 5 min straight in my head, got no T and still won the game. Besides this whole argument is about opinion so nobody is technically correct

  • Anonymous

    Hey…wtf…I am officially offended now for not having been offended in the first place…I mean how dare you faggots, niggers, and crackers, not include your fellow latino in this insignificant waste of time blog of yours…lets not forget that the only reason you all care about it is bc it was on tv…when this happens on the streets of your neighborhood you don’t have the balls or oversized nipples to say or do something about it…so yes…once again you waste your time living through that rectangular box in your living room instead of actually picking up a book or maybe even writing one…oh and lets not leave out facebook in this little rant of mine…just because you can…doesnt mean you should…Adieu.

    • Spectre

      And to think you also contributed to this “waste of time”. Adds a lot of weight to your advice about writing books. BTW…no undersized balls here. It’s just I don’t give a rats ass about racial slurs said in the heat of anger. If some latino starts yelling a slur about my race cause he happens to be frustrated…what the hell do I care? He’s latino after all. What do you expect??? There! I included latinos in all that so you wouldn’t be offended.

  • slimme

    The sad part of it all is the media should be blamed here. Or the NBA for the camera people.
    The put the camera on these guys all the time. So they are bound to say something. Let the man play ball and stay out of theoii faces. Fine the NBA, Or the camera people. Because I did not even realize this and I watch the games. Now that it is on the internet almost everyone will see and head it. If the camera was not in his face to catch the reaction because that is what sells for them just the few people who catch would not of even known. But he did nothing compared to this now every kid out will see it. Thats the part that is F’ed up

    • Spectre

      There you go. Let’s blame the tv media for…um….well….actually focusing a tv camera on the dude.

  • Fred

    Whoopie do da..Kobe said friggin what! The ref gave the man a technical foul after getting his 4th. That mean Kobe would be fouled out on the next foul call. Those ref are messing the games up and basically messing these guys job up. They get paid to play ball not for ref to mess up the game. The gay communities, the black communities are all jacked up…idf someone say a prooblem, you will have that blown-out haired Al Sharpton at your door. Someone saying faggot and here comes the gay communities…get over ya’ll selves. If someone trying to mess up my game, I’m gonna call him the way he is: if he a gay guy, I might say, effing sissy, faggot or whatever name that out there. If that what he what! If he is white I might say: effing crackah, whiteboy or whatever, same is black:effing niggah, burnt fuker..whatever! Im mad, you messing with my career dumb puck! FREEDOM OF SPEECH PEOPLE. EVEN IF IT HURT…SO WHAT! David Stern you are such a shithead…now fine me you bastard..wait..I don’t make 10 million dollars, oh well.

  • Anonymous

    I apologize spectre for having mislead you…I was only pretending to be offended(something called “coming down to your level”) i wanted to prove a point…which you have helped me do by not posting a public comment and instead opting to reply privately…I understand this is your world…I will leave now…Adieu.

  • C.e.y

    NBA BASKETBALL IS NOT WHAT IT USE TO IS WHO CAN SCORE THE MOST POINTS,WHO CAN MAKE THE BEST DUNK FOR SPORTS HIGHLITES AND WHO CAN MAKE THE MOST MONEY.Its not about teamwork.The coaches cant coach anymore the star players tell them what they are going to do.Kobe Bryant get away with a hell of a lot more fouls than he is called for and he knows it. So when he gets called for a foul it is wrong because his kobe bryant the ref should have busted a chair over his head. that is what it is going to take.C.E.Y

  • Guest

    How do we know he wasn’t referring to any of these when he said it?

    * faggot or fagot, branch or twig, or bundle of these
    o Fasces
    o Faggot (unit), archaic unit of measurement for bundles of sticks
    o Death by burning, metonymically referred to by the faggots which fuel the fire
    o Ashen faggot (or ashton fagot), Christmas wassail tradition in the West Country of England

    * Faggot (food), British meatball commonly made of pork offal
    * Faggots (novel), 1978 novel by Larry Kramer
    * Faggoting (metalworking), forge welding a bundle of bars of iron and steel
    * Faggoting (knitting), variation of lace knitting in which every stitch is a yarn over or a decrease
    * Faggoting stitch, featherstitch, or Cretan stitch, embroidery stitch used to make decorative seams or to attach insertions
    * Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15, USSR jet fighter with NATO reporting name “Fagot”
    * 9K111 Fagot, an anti-tank guided missile
    * Fagotto, 16′ pedal reed organ stop
    * Faggot cell, blast cell type found in acute promyelocytic leukemia
    * Faggot voter, hireling eligible to vote as nominal titleholder of part a subdivided property
    * Eumeta crameri or faggot worm, from the bundles of twigs it binds to itself
    * Jacob Faggot (1699-1777), Swedish scientist who miscalculated the pitches of the Strähle construction

  • Ryno

    Love God… Love others

  • Earth_baby2000

    People,….. ” God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!…”…So be it… My belief …But I respect all people regardless of race, color, creed, or gender…. Kobe screwed up but who hasn’t….. heterosexuals arent perfect and neither are gay, lesbians and the like…. Lets all get all get along…. Everyone stop whining!…. Grow up People!….. Man Up!…or Lady Up!.

    • Earth_baby2000

      by the way… no one steals my phrases…” God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” or God made Adam and Eve, not Lola and Eve” cause I trademarked these phrases.. LoL!… Again, no disrespect to those who believe what they believe…. We all pay taxes, work hard, fight to protect this country, and have the right to defend our beliefs…. May God bless us all!….

  • Tiredofit

    Kobe, you the Man! You just got caught, thats all. You should have called him a prick sucker, he knows what he is and where he takes it. You dont have to be any plainer than that. For all the other Pansies out their you should have your marbles cut off if your going to act like you dont have any at all, for if you did none of this would bother you in the first place. But time for yall to get your gay on.

  • MR.lakers

    wow ya mad over dat its not like he sed it in front of camera ya just hate that lakers are going to win

  • mike

    who gives a fuck what ye says, stupid fuckers are all gay bitch

  • Cooler02914

    fuckein pircks kobe is a good kiid ur a a fuckin dusch

  • Penn9

    I’m no Laker fan but David Stern Is a Fucking Faggot!

  • Jwes803

    So where are we as a society now?A highly emotional moment turns into an attack on all gay people? Please what is the matter with us we know this is sports we are talking about not Rocket science..we all know what happens when we lose it especially in Professional sports..come on gimme a break are we really that wimpy and sensative that we cannot allow a human beings to display emotion? It frightens me how Parinoid and reactionary we are except when it comes to Racism,thats where we stick our heads in the sand and act like everything is alright…

  • Te_bone26

    why is that when Kobe does something wrong everyone wants 2 turn a blind eye 2 it … like him raping that girl….and people want 2 still treat him like a saint and put a halo on him…wow!…its like there r 2 sets of rules 1 Kobe ….and 1 for everyone else……what will it take 4 people 2 see that he is NOT all that…… and its time 4 him 2 be held acountable 4 what he does….

  • Mreanpls3

    Ya I agree that was a bunch of BS there is worse things in this freakin world to worry about that Kobe releasing his frustrations during a game. Give me a break I have heard people say worse things than that every where I go and no one ever says any thing but just because he is a famous athlete everyone blows things out of proportion. Come on really! Well at least he was man enough to apologize so leave him alone and lets get on with the play offs where it gets even more tense..

  • Felixatwork360

     HEy Noah form the bulls did the same thing tonight is any body going to say anything!!!Just sayin!!

  • Bullfighter-74

     Big deal .People take the lords name in vein every day !Call people retarded ,the list goes on & on & on for years !

  • sangano

    This is the first time that I agree with that rapist (Kobe).  Homos do not have a place on our mainstream, God loving, responsible citizens world.  Come on!, you guys and gals are pathetic on trying to be homosexuals.  You spread disease and, that’s no good, Hear?


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