Arkansas WR Quinta Funderburk’s Haircut is the Epitome of Amazing

Move over Tony Allen, there’s a new titleholder for “World’s Greatest Haircut,” and it belongs to Arkansas freshman WR Quinta Funderburk and his absolutely stunning RAZORBACKS cut.  Makes Allen’s Grizzlies haircut look like a steaming pile of crap, doesn’t it?

That coiffe is beyond impressive, from the enormity of it, to the style and attention to detail.  The artisan who created this jaw-dropping, graffiti-esque, thing of hirsute beauty should have his hands cut off, dipped in bronze, and placed in The Louvre.

Here’s the rest of the hairdo…

And the other side…

I don’t care if Funderburk doesn’t catch a pass all year—he’s won the 2011 NCAA football season with that hair masterpiece.

[H/T to SB Nation]


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  • Anonymous

    Well, unlike a tattoo it is not forever.

  • Princessfiona911

    So barbers now have to be artists? Wonder how well they get compensated for that kind of artwork? Can he wash his head or will that paint wash off? This just creates too many questions for me.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure how anyone can top that – just awesome ! The question is – how often do you have to go back and have that touched up ? The barber needs to be on call 24/7

  • Wichita

    Stupid! How can these ‘unpaid’ College kids afford all the tattoos, and who knows how much this rediculous haircut cost!

    • MyOpinion

      He has parents that could buy him things since he worked hard to get a full ride from arkansas so they didnt have to pay for his school….. college loans becuase they cant work or maybe work study full rides get to keep there pell grant stop looking for the bad

    • Ryan

      Probably about the same as your education since the word is actually ‘ridiculous’

    • Eazyjesus

      tattoo’s are super expensive…most artist(s) start at $100 hourly rate…Haircuts are rather inexpensive…$10 for a basic cut, $15 for a fade and maybe $30 for the eccentric stuff…Chumpchange compared to getting inked…

  • thatslife

    who says his parent couldnt have paid for it all college athletes dont have to be poor…

  • POPPOP09



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