See if You Can Find Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in this 1969 UCLA Grad Photo

Hint—check out the tree shaped like a 7-foot-2 kid with an afro and boss sunglasses.  I think Abdul-Jabbar is behind that tree taking a leak.

Just kidding—Abdul-Jabbar isn’t in the picture at all.  That tall guy with the shades is actually Lew Alcindor.  Sure, they’re the same person, but technically Abdul-Jabbar didn’t exist until 1971, which makes this extremely lame joke accurate—stupid, but accurate.

Hey, it’s late and I’m all hopped up on kid’s cough syrup—sue me.



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    When I was a kid, I got a book of Marvel Comics-themed games.  One of them had a picture of Captain America, and it said, “How many misteaks can you find?” There appeared to be nothing wrong with Cap’s picture, and then I realized that “mistakes” had been intentionally misspelled.  So when I saw this headline and the 1969 date, well, let’s just say you telegraphed your punch — or your skyhook, as it were.


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