Tom Brady Seems to be Enjoying the Pool Slide a Wee Bit Too Much

Hoo boy, Tom Brady is at it again.  When he’s not breaking out some suspect dance moves during Carnival, the New England Patriots signal caller enjoys taking a ride on the pool slide at the Mexican resort he’s staying at with his wife, Gisele Bündchen.  He must be enjoying the hell out of that slide—how else do you explain the effeminate expression on Brady’s face, not unlike the one found on the face of a shrieking 12-year-old girl attending a Jonas Brothers concert.

Pretty sure this picture will blow up the interwebs soon enough. Is this new, emasculated version of Brady the result of the ongoing lockout and time away from the rough, masculine world of professional football, or the effect of Gisele’s feminine influence on her husband?

At this point, I doubt Brady cares either way. If his wife asked him to wear a tartan skirt, fishnet stockings and his hair in pigtails while sitting ringside at a fashion show, I bet he’d do it. When your wife is as hot and famous as Gisele, you’ll do just about anything she wants. Still, maybe he should start caring—it’s stuff like this that makes it awful easy for people to make fun of him for.

Awful easy.

[ONTD via Deadspin]


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  • A fan of talent

     How many Super Bowl rings and MVP’s does it take to get people of his back.  Face it, the man is a STUD professionally and personally and your jealousy of his life could not be more apparent than in your needless picking apart of his life. Why not just let the man enjoy his life? I personally am impressed by the fact that he is so comfortable with his manhood that he can do all the things he does that jealous people like you have a problem with.  GO Tom!!


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