Bryce Harper Working on Being the Biggest Douchebag in Baseball

For all his prodigious talent, Bryce Harper could definitely use some humility.  Unless of course, he actually wishes to become the next Barry Bonds, not only in baseball acumen and skill, but also in popularity and all-around douchebaggery.

If that’s Harper’s plan, then it looks like he’s right on track, especially after his recent antics in a game against the Greensboro Grasshoppers this past Monday.

The Nationals phenom hit his 14th home run in the 6th inning of Greensboro’s Zach Neal, and then put on a display that even for a 18-year-old kid looked pretty bush league.

Bad enough was the slow walk out of the batter’s box while admiring his shot, but the real kicker was blowing a kiss to the guy he just took deep.  That’s just weak and uncalled for, and in the show, that will get you a ball in your ear in your next at bat.

Video follows the jump…

Douchebaggery, thy name is Bryce Harper.

[H/T to The Nats Enquirer]


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