Erin Andrews Teaches Mouthy Kid That it’s Not Wise to Bring Up Her Peephole Video

Judging by the look on Erin Andrews’ face in this pic, she’s not happy about something.  I dare say, she looks quite pissed off. Guys in a long-term relationship know that look, and whenever their girl flashes them that “you just did/said what?” look, nothing good can come of it.


What has Ms. Andrews looking so perturbed you ask?  Well, the lovely Erin had just finished berating a 12-year-old kid for failing to own up to a comment he yelled to her after she wouldn’t sign an autograph for him.  Andrews was doing her sideline reporter thingy for ESPN’s coverage of the College World Series, and while she was milling around with members of the South Carolina Gamecocks, fans began clamoring for a signature from everyone’s favorite eye candy sideline reporter.

She refused, which was cool.  What wasn’t cool was one kid who thought he’d be a badass and holler to EA that he was planning on watching her video tomorrow.  You know, the controversial peephole video of a naked Andrews being secretly filmed in her hotel room? The horrible invasion of privacy video she’d most likely not want to be reminded of?  Yeah, that video. Considering that is a major point of contention with Andrews, she wasn’t about to let it slide.

Instead she made her way over to get closer to this little douchebag, and proceeded to call him out.  Of course he declined when put on the spot, the perfect example of a person with an alligator mouth and a hummingbird ass.  EA slammed her point home with the closing line, “If you are going to be cool enough to say that, man up to it.”

Man up indeed.

Skip to the 2:25 mark and turn the volume way up…

Listen kids, it’s all fine and good to be a smart ass once in a while, but if you’re going to shoot your mouth off like this guy, at least have the balls to back up your mouth. Sure you come off as a major league dick, but at least you’ll have your dignity intact.

Lesson learned.

[H/T to TPS]


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  • carl pavano

    EA is a cunt.  From people who know.  She gets what she deserves.

    • NC

      Oh really, Carl?  Do you want your mother, daughter or sister FILMED by some pervert and posted to the web…..  And do you really want a society where little bratty kids are in charge?  This country is in big trouble because parents aren’t really raising their children; they’re letting the tv do it…..AND adults, themselves, are as immature as 12 year olds (like you).

      The golden rule needs to be enforced….and jerks like you need to be taught a lesson in manners….YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ERIN ANDREWS IS LIKE….and NOBODY deserves to have a pervert film them and post a video…..

  • Bob Bobson

    douchey comments be damned. 12 year old kid. Nuff said.

  • ccw

    I think you know more about SEC sports than most reporters.  Full disclosure.  I’m an Auburn graduate and I hate this website.  But some loyal Auburn fans & alum are putting a surprise together for whoever this “editor” One of today’s biggest problems is that 12 year olds and youngers are allowed to talk like that.   I only didn’t repost because I know a couple of people that seem to enjoy others problems.  Sad part is they’re older than 12.  Thanks for what you do.  Stay away from Herbie this year.  He sounds like he’s going to cry everytime I hear him on ESPN.  Men will one day learn that the coverup is worse than the crime.  Herbie knows JT screwed up.  See, at least you had balls enough to go to court.  That’s what I would have done.  Will try and find a blog, etc. to get your insights.


  • E John Fineran

    That’s telling him, Erin. And, of course, you aren’t the real Carl Pavano now, are you. Maybe you need to man up, too.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry. She put herself out there time and time again to get the attention of men by the ways she dressed and posed. How many women, traveling alone, in a strange hotel room do their ironing and hair in the nude? Really? They know they can be watched at any given time or place. She either wasn’t very smart, or she knew what was happening. 

    • Bella

      The peephole video propelled her career. Did you know that many news anchor men and anchor women actually believe the whole “scandal” was staged, in terms of how Erin Andrews’ arching her back and touching herself in that allegedly vile video?

  • Bella

    If that twat speaks to any children in my family that way, she’d lose her f*cking head.

    • Lesa Duke

      Bella I have seen your post about Ms. Andrews looks, work etc. You use spinster a lot so what century are you from? All the words you use such as twit etc. shows your true character &does no harm to EA. It does show that your a bully and in your own way a stalker! Please note that the people and companies you send these don’t think bad about Erin but think there is something wrong about you!

      • Bella


        Just as you are allowed your free speech on a public forum, guess what? I am, too. Go pontificate elsewhere.


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