Staring Directly at the Packers Super Bowl Ring Will Burn Your Retinas

No, that is not some gaudy Green Bay Packers paper weight—it’s the world’s first glimpse of the Pack’s Super Bowl XLV ring.  This one belongs to LB Clay Matthews, and according to his Twitter account, this bad boy is encrusted with 109 diamonds, and has the reflective power of 1000 suns.  OK, that may be a bit of hyperbole on my part, but you have to admit, it is pretty flashy, even for a Super Bowl ring.

But the real question is, why 109 diamonds, and not, say, 100, or 110, or some other nice round number?

Clay Matthews knows the answer, and when you see it, you will sh-t bricks…but probably not.

Makes sense to me.



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