Woman Who Stole Baseball From This Little Girl Deserves a Nation’s Scorn

Nobody’s really sure during which game this took place, except that it was on or around June 2. Which teams are involved is anybody’s guess, but that’s neither here nor there. It’s what happens in the video itself that is important.

The premise of the video is simple—when a player tosses a ball to a young fan positioned behind the dugout, as players are wont to do, a woman—a callous, despicable woman at that—muscles the little girl out of the way, snatching the ball up for herself. Proud of herself for stealing a baseball away from a kid half her size, our villain proceeds to celebrate her dubious achievement with the worst high-five ever.

Watch the video and prepare to be outraged…

Yep, that’s pretty well one of the most appalling things I’ve ever seen. Lucky for us the video has gone viral, and this petty woman with the Pete Rose haircut will be force fed a healthy dose of Internet shaming.

Enjoy your 15 minutes of ignominy, biatch.


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  • Dbacksgirl

    AZ Dimondbacks vs. Cincinnati Reds

  • skeeter

    Apparently it was at a Diamondbacks vs. Astros in Houston.  Ball was tossed to the girl by a Diamondbacks player.  That means it happened between 5/27 and 5/29.

    • skeeter

      Oh, and just want to add that I pray this video gets seen by enough people that the woman will be publicly identified and made to answer for what she did.  She is despicable.  The little girl was given swag by the game announcers who saw what happened, but this woman still has not been called out for her actions.

  • jerryo

    agree with skeeter.  someone knows who the queen of mean is and she needs to be called out…she is the lowest of the low.

  • 737ADX

    This was actually the May 27th game Astros vs. Diamondbacks over the visitors dugout (Notice the letters I, N, U on the dugout….for Minute Maid Park).  I know the father of the boy that was standing beside her.

  • http://www.realfakesports.com Realfakesports

    I love how she proudly turns to the people she is with asking for a high five. No video, but I heard later, during the 7th inning stretch, she knocked over a handicapped elderly woman so she could get to the front of the line for cotton candy.

  • Bpsports9

    wow i have no words to explain the hatred i feel for that woman

  • Jiveassmofo

    the filthy whore needs to have her clit torn loose from her smelly vagina with a pair of rusty channelock pliers

    • http://sportingnerds.com Sco Jo

      I disagree. I do think what she did was super lame though.

  • Daverg

     Thanks to the internet this woman wont be able to hide, from her despicable act, taking a fly ball from a child, she stole a child’s memory of catching a ball at a game,,now the kid remembers getting robed by a drunk  selfish hag

  • jerryo

    has anyone figured out who this skanky c*nt is?

  • jerryo

    that little ginger deserves tix, swag, and anything else the team can give her…and never let that skank back in the park again…

  • Idaplayer21

    DISPICABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!      She should be exposed for the grand b…h that she is. I am just sorry that I wasnt there because I am the kind of person that would of set that straight. And what about the people she was with?  Maybe they are no better.

  • Mabel

    Gimme a break. Forget identity theft, drug pushing, child pron rings… THIS is the worst thing that happened the past month?

    Also… that kid somehow DESERVES all the swag that isn’t nailed down and even some that is? For doing what?

    • Frimp

      Okay, sweetie. Let’s talk about this. Yeah, this isn’t the worst thing that’s happened recently in the world — not by a long shot. But it’s still a disgusting way to behave.

      I’ve noticed you seem to be going from site to site trying to defend this woman for some reason. Why is that? Do you hate children? Do you have no problem with people behaving selfishly and treating others poorly? Or do you yourself behave that way, and are therefore upset that people don’t seem to view such behavior as appropriate or socially acceptable? It would appear, on a comment from another of these sites, that you view what the woman did as an adult “having fun.” Do you really believe that it’s okay to have fun at the expense of others?

      Forget the kid. Forget the swag. This isn’t the sort of thing that a supposed adult should do to /anyone./ It’s rude, greedy, immature, and antisocial.

      • Hayesbarton

        >Frimp…maybe this person is “Pam” (the nickname they have given her)…explains the idiotic repeated defending…personally “Pam sucks”.

      • Belinda N Mike Szuflada

        Frimp, my sentiments exactly. How Mabel could dismiss this as acceptable is beyond me. I was thinking that Mabel may be that woman who took the ball and is trying to defend herself.

    • http://sportingnerds.com Sco Jo

      Nobody’s saying those other things aren’t bad. A few people here might be hating the lady a little disproportionately to her crime, but no need to be a buzzkill. It was super rude and at least worth an internet shaming.

      • Bruce Francis Simpson

        “…a little disproportionately to her crime…” …Buzzkill… God, I hate sports. You kill one little girl’s dreams and expectations, and it’s all good, in the name of survival. You either don’t have kids, or you never should.

  • Bernadette

    I do hope this woman’s employer sees this video and seriously considers whether s/he want someone with such a complete absence of morals working in their organization.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=598222054 Gonzalo Peter Arboleda

    Has this woman been identified or interviewed to offer an explanation?  Not that there is one…

  • Illbethehero

    It should be easy enough to figure out which game it was since player stats are listed on the bottom of the screen…

  • Jen0087
    • Bruce Francis Simpson

      Jen0087, are you saying we’ve found our perp?

  • Cheri

    Very very sad.  That woman should be ashamed of herself for literally taking that ball out of that little girl’s hands.  I hope she is recognized and humiliated…and has nightmares about it to boot!!

  • Flacolocofl

    whata biatch

  • http://sportingnerds.com Sco Jo


  • Heather

    That woman is everything that’s wrong with this world. small crime, but it speaks volumes about how we feel about our neighbors and even how we treat children. Remember the saying: a man’s character can be measured by how he treats people from whom he stands to gain nothing, this woman is the reverse of personal character.

  • David Ritko

    Skeeter is right. Dback v Astros At Maid Park. Back in June. It was a Foul Ball.

    From NBC Sports – Off The Bench website on June 15
    The theft occurred at Minute Maid Park this past Thursday, as the visiting Diamondbacks played the Astros.
    The TV clip (below) includes brief commentary from DBacks announcers Daron Sutton and Mark Grace, who were audibly amazed at the woman’s greed. According to several message board posts written by people who say they were at the game, Sutton and Grace later both autographed another ball and gave it to the little girl.
    Another commenter said that people in that section booed the woman for a full five minutes.

    • Ric Andersen

      It wasn’t a foul ball. And it was in June 2011.

      And the woman wasn’t booed for a full five minutes. Nobody in the section saw it; it was visible from the camera angle, not from the section’s angle.

      Don’t clutter up the issue by posting things you read from message boards, please. 🙂

      • David Ritko

        Thank you for your crusade to fix the interwebs. It was a Foul ball, as stated in the first two words of the audio from the original 2yo video “Foul ball for her”. It was tossed to the young girl by Dbacks first baseman Juan Miranda. As to my horrendous crime, that was what NBC’s Rick Chandler wrote.
        I even copied the part where it was stated (clearly) that it was a message board commenter. Please read before posting about posting etiquette.

        • ricandersen

          I think you (and every baseball fan) knows that a foul ball implies the ball was hit into the stands in foul territory. So, a major difference, as you concede in your pithy follow-up, from a ball tossed behind the dugout by a player.

          But, thank you for clarifying your own remarks to an event that happened two years ago. Even though the first commenter beat you to the description by a mere two years.

          Please read before posting duplicate (yet misleading) posts.

          • David Ritko

            Looks like we’re both containing much pith.

            Although as I understand the rules, it doesn’t have to be in the stands to be deemed a foul ball. The 2y bit seemed too obvious to me. You did point it out and it’s true. The event is two years old, as are the first bunch of comments to this article.

            I however need to find something else to do. Waiting for replies as a hobby needs some re-evaluation.

  • jenab6

    Arizona Diamondbacks and Huston Astros, game in Houston, early June 2011. Juan Miranda tried to toss a foul ball up to a little girl. A dark-haired woman saw what was happening, came out of the bleachers, and leaned over in front of the girl in an attempt to catch it before it reached the girl’s hands. The woman bobbled the ball, which came to rest at the girl’s chest. The woman, making a 2nd snatch at the ball, ha her hands on it at about the same time the girl did. Being stronger, the woman took the ball from the girl and returned to the bleachers, acting as if she had been the one to make the catch, and as though the toss had been meant for her.

  • lookin4trace

    anyone know who this female is by now?


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