Brian Wilson’s Beard Rightfully Honored With its Own Baseball Card

Worried that the aura surrounding Giants closer Brian Wilson’s beard may be fading?  Well, you can stuff those worries in a sack mister, because the kooky reliever’s now famous facial fuzz is finally getting it’s own baseball card.

And it’s about damn time.

Wilson’s beard will be part of Topps’ Fabulous Face Flocculence, a set of 10 cards featuring some of the most glorious and historical beard styles in history, including the Darwin (made famous by Charles Darwin), the Bib, the Neckbeard (no Kyle Orton unfortunately), and the Lincoln (Abe’s gnarly facial hair).  Wilson’s card will be called, for obvious reasons, the Closer.


The walking sideshow that is San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson can arguably be attributed largely to the beard which has been honored by having its own card in a set released by Topps this week.

As part of its Allen & Ginter baseball set, a product based on 1880s tobacco cards of the same name, there are 10 Fabulous Face Flocculence cards to be found.

Even crazier? The card has sold for as much as $19.50 on eBay.

That’s really not so crazy considering that a) it’s a great looking, old-timey baseball card, and b) it features Brian Wilson’s beard, a phenomenal bit of facial hair that has more personality than 3/4 of the league.

[H/T to Larry Brown Sports]


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