Here’s a Praying Mantis Wreaking Havoc in the Florida Marlins Dugout

That’s the little bugger right there, nonchalantly perched on the cap of Marlins pitcher Clay Hensley.  Late in Florida’s 11-2 drubbing of the Nationals, the mantis landed on Hensley’s back before making its way to the top of his hat, where it stayed for nearly a half inning.  As the insect started working its way off Hensley’s cap, the Marlins hurler gently placed the praying mantis on the dugout railing.

That’s when the hijinks ensued.

Florida LF Logan Morrison, upon returning to the Marlins dugout following the top half of the inning, saw the mantis and thought he’d say hi to the adorable little insect. Unfortunately for Morrison, the mantis saw this as some sort of insult, and proceeded to mercilessly attack the Marlins outfielder, causing him to recoil in horror like a pathetic, frightened little girl.

Video of Morrison’s brush with death follows the jump…

I don’t know what’s worse—LoMo’s reaction to the praying mantis landing on his shoulder, his feeble attempts at removing the insect from his uniform, or the fact that this may have been the most interesting thing to ever happen in a Nationals-Marlins ballgame.

[Palm Beach Post]



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