Independent League Team Offering $80 Hot Dog for Questionable Holiday

The Brockton Rox, a team found in the Canadian-American Association of Professional Baseball, has grandiose plans for the upcoming “National Hot Dog Day,” which apparently is a real thing.  The independent baseball club will be offering up a one-of-a-kind frankfurter that comes with a one-of-a-kind price tag during their July 23 game against the Newark Bears.

How about a cool $80?  That’s a lot of scratch for some hog anus and filler meat.

Inquiring minds will want to know what exactly they’re getting for $80, besides the aforementioned hog anus.  Try this on for size—a foot long wiener that has been deep fried, rolled in truffle oil, coated with porcini dust, and topped with caviar.

Is it worth $80?  Hardly, unless the buns contained flecks of 14k gold or something, and even that won’t help disguise the fact that you’re dining on nothing more than highly questionable animal parts covered in expensive foodstuffs.

Mmmm…questionable animal parts.  Give me two—to go.

[NY Daily News]



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