Riding in 15 Editions of the Tour de France Will do Wonders For Your Legs

If you ever needed proof that too much exercise is bad for you, there it is, right there on that grotesque looking leg belonging to American cyclist George Hincapie.  The one-time domestique, or servant if you will, of Lance Armstrong has participated in 15 editions of the Tour de France, which is why his lower leg now resembles your lower intestine.

Sweet jebus that is one vascular gam. Even saying it in a breathy John Mayer voice doesn’t make it any easier to look at, and he’s absolutely dreamy. Makes me want to go burn my bike with fire and park my ass on the couch with a bag of extra salty pork rinds and the complete DVD set of Hill Street Blues.

And here you thought biking was good for you—George Hincapie’s varicose vein ridden lower leg says otherwise.



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  • Lord Muttley of Muttington

    Does he poo through that thing?  If he does, it looks like he’s keeping up his fibre intake.

  • http://twitter.com/amosnadan Amos Nadan

    Look what the Tour de France did to George Hincapie.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=702841265 Brennan Bynum

    More like EPO. Cycling does nothing like this to your body.


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