VIDEO: A Ball From Josh Beckett Brings This Young Red Sox Fan to Tears

Touching moment from the Red Sox-Royals game this past Thursday afternoon, as Boston starter Josh Beckett presented a young Red Sox fan sitting in the front row a baseball, which brought the youngster to tears.

Nice gesture by Beckett, which undoubtedly made the kid’s day—unless he was hoping for a ball from Big Papi or something.  Then he’s crying because Josh Beckett totally screwed him over, because we all know no matter how cute a kid is, nobody gets handed a free ball twice in one game.

I keed, I keed…the little guy is overwhelmed with emotion, and it’s quite heartwarming to tell you the truth.  Going to the ballpark with the man I am assuming is his Dad, then being handed a baseball by the Red Sox starting pitcher is a lot to handle in one afternoon for such a young kid.

Video follows the jump…

Great kid and a classy move by Beckett. Anyone else find it a little dusty in here?

[H/T to NESN]


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  • Elkava

    The baseball may dissapear in the future but the memory will always be with him, That is something no one can take.. I am sure it will be the same for for the ball player.


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