CFL’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers Execute the Group “Plank” Touchdown Celebration

So, I guess this planking craze is still going strong?  Seems harmless enough, unless you try planking on a  moving car, or the wing of an airplane or something.  I don’t get the attraction to lying flat and mimicking a wooden plank, but that’s just me.

The first team to pull off an in-game “planking” celebration, so far as I know, was the CFL’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers, during their season opening game against the Hamilton Ti-Cats.  Ah the CFL—three downs, rouges, wacky team names, and what’s sure to be a whole lotta planking going on.

The Bombers’ Alex Suber picks off  Hamilton QB Kevin Glenn’s overthrown pass and runs it back for the touchdown, where he is joined by fellow teammates in a “group plank” celebration.  Winnipeg went on to beat the Tiger-Cats 24-16.

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  • Xalvion

    Um … this … um … this … is a  … um … it’s a “phenomenon”? … a “craze”? … I find it hard to believe it’s even got a name … It’s just a bunch of guys lying down … so we call it “planking”??? … what the huh????

    Did I get old all of a sudden, when I wasn’t paying attention, or what?

    I don’t get it … at all.


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