David Ortiz Loses Out on RBI, Interrupts Terry Francona’s Presser to Discuss It

Wednesday night the Boston Red Sox defeated the Cleveland Indians by a score of 4-3, thanks in part to David Ortiz’s two-run single in the first.  Scratch that—it was an RBI single by Big Papi, and a run scoring error by Austin Kearns.

The scorer had initially given Ortiz two RBI on the play, but went back and changed it to the aforementioned RBI and error, after official scorer Chazz Scoggins determined that Kevin Youkilis scored after Kearns had bobbled the ball, thus the run on the Indians outfielder’s fielding error.

This did not sit well with Big Papi, and he made sure everyone knew about it, going so far as to interrupt Terry Francona’s post-game presser to discuss the matter of his lost RBI.

And lucky for us, there’s video of a pissed off Papi following the jump…

From what I’ve read, it sounds like Ortiz got jobbed on the play. That being said, his team came away with the win, scorekeepers are human beings, and in the grand scheme of things, losing out on one RBI shouldn’t be such a big deal. Except to David Ortiz I guess, who cherishes his RBIs like they’re his children.

Priorities Big Papi…priorities.



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  • Guest

    Ortiz is a crybaby puss, as well as a steroid cheater.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_V2WEWXPUDVVBC66O7F3AJT4CQM RitaM

    Omigod, I’m reading about this all over the Yankee press and it is 10 seconds of n0thing, as Tito’s smile will tell you

  • Tyler

    “Ortiz is a crybaby puss, as well as a steroid cheater.” – Guest

    This guy is wrong, and an obvious Yankee fan/ troll.
    Someone who’s robbed of an RBI in a one-run game doesn’t have the right to be mad? And he’s a steroid user because he’s a  big guy who just plays his role as a DH and slugger? Don’t think that I’m just defending my team (I’m a Reds fan and could care less about the Sox), but your insults and accusations are nothing short of ridiculous. There’s no reason to hate on Ortiz, he’s  always been a good player and more importantly a good guy. And by the way, call him a “puss” to his face. His awesome beard alone could whoop your sorry a$$ (and mine as well).

  • Anonymous

     What an idiot.

    “I’m effeen peesed”! We gon haf a tok juss yoo an me”!

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