Joey Bouchard’s Left Leg is an Amazing Tattooed Tribute Honoring John Elway

This is Joey Bouchard, and I think it’s safe to say that there is no bigger John Elway fan on the planet.  You get that title when you go to the extreme lengths that Bouchard did, and cover your entire left leg with tattoos honoring the former Broncos quarterback.

You can see in the picture on the left the lower portion of the tattoo, featuring Elway’s classic orange Denver jersey, with the signal caller’s iconic No.7 prominently displayed on Joey’s shin.  That there is impressive enough, but wait until you see what this Broncos superfan has on his inked on his thigh.

Once Bouchard lifts his shorts, there in all it’s glory, is a portrait of John Elway from his heyday with the Broncos.  The quality of the entire tattoo is outstanding, but the likeness of Elway is especially exceptional.

Don’t believe me?  Check out Bouchard’s phenomenal homage to John Elway yourself…

That is a sight to behold.  It takes a ton of dedication, time and money to get a tattoo this extensive covering your entire leg.  Bouchard’s tattoo took 85 hours to finish, starting in 2006, and he’s not done there.  He wants to add Elway’s Super Bowl rings to his already incredible Elway tribute, and one day hopes to get the Hall of Famer’s signature tattooed, on his leg of course, to finish off his masterpiece.

Kind of puts the Brett Keisel beard tattoo to shame, don’t it?

[Denver Post]


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