Kansas City Royals Grounds Crew Perform About as Well as the Actual Royals

During the Sunday finale of their 3-game weekend series against the Tigers, the Kansas City Royals grounds crew had to spring into action and cover the field after the weather kicked up, delaying the game for approximately 45 minutes.

It did not go smoothly for the crew, as the wind gusted and they nearly lost control of the tarp.  They were able to get things sorted out and start getting the infield covered, but that too was not without some peril, as one of the crew got caught up in the tarp roll and nearly became part of the infield.

Video follows the jump…

Not exactly the most graceful escape, but it got the job done. Who knew being a member of the Kansas City Royals grounds crew was so hazardous to your health?

Still beats actually playing for the Royals though.


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