Middle School Football Coach May be Worst Ever After Choking 12-Year-Old Kid

Does this look like the face of an assistant football coach who would choke out a 12-year-old, fight the head coach, then get tased three times by cops?

Why yes, yes it does.

Pictured is Jared Gallagher, who is hands down the worst assistant football coach in middle school history.  Gallagher, on the first day of school no less at Rowan County Middle School (N.C.), was walking a 12-year-old player back to the locker room when he inexplicably started choking the boy.  As terrible as that was, it actually got worse from there.

From WCNC Charlotte

According to a report filed with the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office, it all started at Corriher-Lipe Middle School around 5 p.m. after football practice.

Head football coach Douglas Pruitt told deputies that Gallagher was walking with the 12-year-old boy to the locker room after practice and choked him.

Pruitt tried to intervene, but Gallagher tried to fight him, according to the report.  A parent then got involved as Puitt called 911 for help.

When deputies arrived they approached Gallagher and asked him to put his hands behind his back.

Gallagher did not comply, according to the report, and was tased by the deputy.  Gallagher reportedly pulled the prongs out of his body and was shocked again by another officer behind him, the report stated.  Gallagher was shocked for a third time and fell to the ground where he was restrained by officers.

Deputies discovered a 9 mm pistol with 79 live rounds of ammunition inside Gallagher’s truck, according to the report.

Yikes.  Talk about your unstable personalities.  This guy makes Gary Busey look like freaking Mr. Rogers. And yet Gallagher was back on the streets after posting his $5,000 bond, ready to bring the crazy to day two of football practice at Rowan County Middle School.  Seeing that he’s been charged with misdemeanor child abuse, misdemeanor possession of a weapon on educational grounds and misdemeanor resisting, delaying or obstructing a public officer, it’s pretty safe to assume he won’t be welcomed back…ever.

Let’s just hope he’s never allowed within 50 yards of a football field, kids, or semi-automatic handguns again.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_G47X2LECEPGSM6GSOOHTHQGQ2A Ben Dover

    As opposed to 79 DEAD rounds….goobers

    • Kwb400

      Hate to tell you this, Ben, but live round is the proper terminology for an unfired bullet.  There could have been blanks, duds, empty cartridges, or rounds that had been tampered with.

      Learn your terms, goober.

  • TotalKayeos

    M I S D E M E A N O R????????????????????????????

  • dcuvt58

    Re-reading the article I can not find mention of a weapon, I am confused, unless having hands constitutes having a weapon.  They were the instrument of choking, but a weapon?   I agree throw the book at the guy.  Having coached youth sports there is no excuse for his actions.  Coaches are next to parents in the lives of young athelets.  This guy is the scary uncle.

    • PhilCap

      Re-read the last paragraph of the newspaper report.. a 9mm pistol and 79 rounds of ammo in his truck on school property likely constitutes having a weapon.

    • Memaw88

      You’re right, he didn’t have the gun on his person, but herre in NC it is illegal to have a weapon of any type on school property. What would have stopped this jerk from going out to his vehicle and get it before the cops got there. Then instead of just assaulting a 12 year old, there could have been several deaths or injuries. We have a lot of hunters and one boy had his rifle in his truck and was suspended for the rest of the school year.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BBDZKEKIS4MENF52D74KP5KSE4 hevace

    I’m glad they tazed him all those times.  In fact, I hope they taze him a couple more times. 

  • Memaw88

    Here in NC if you have any record you can’t even drive a school bus. Especially the fact that he attacked a minor child won’t win him any friends in court. If it had been my child, I would be waiting for him to post bail and walk out. You want to attack a child, see if you are man enough to beat me down. If the other coach and parent hadn’t seen him, he would have probably got away with it because the child would be intimmidated and scared he lose his spot on the team if he told. Hope he goes away for a good little while.

  • Mcneww

    It  takes a helleva man to hurt a woman or a 12 year old child.   He should use that 9mm on himself.


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