Ever Seen a Field Goal Interception Return for a Touchdown? Now You Have…

Doesn’t that awkward headline make a lot more sense after watching the video? Well, it had better, or you’d best be moseying along down the road, pal.

The player pulling off this dynamic play is Hayden Knudson of Hayfield (Alexandria, Va.) High School, and it truly is incredible to see Knudson snatch the opposition’s field goal attempt out of midair before returning it 90 yards for the score.  To pull something like that off, you’d need an amazing combination of skill, timing and speed.  Not to mention a great set of hands

Well done, kid.

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  • Ima_uzer2

    Well, you CAN return field goals. It’s harder to do, though, when you’re behind the LOS and have to avoid defenders. I actually did this once in practice, and almost scored. Our kicker was trying a 40+ yarder, and I caught it on the goal line and ran it back almost 70 yards before I was pushed out of bounds.


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