VIDEO: Mountain Biker Gets Leveled by a Red Hartebeest During Race

Funny, all those National Geographic specials never mentioned that the Red Hartebeest, an antelope-like animal found in South Africa, considers a rider on a mountain bike as a natural enemy.  But the video doesn’t lie—that hartebeest has a serious hate on for that biker.

The unfortunate cyclist is Evan van der Spuy of Team Jeep, who was on the receiving end of a red hartebeest trucking while smack dab in the middle of a race in Albert Falls Dam, South Africa.  Nothing will ruin your day quicker than getting run over by a wild beast while trekking through the loveliness that is South Africa.

And for the record, Van der Spuy is doing just fine, save for a stiff neck and some new hoof marks running the length of his back (probably).

Video of Evan’s one-of-a-kind encounter follows the jump…

Heads up!

[via Slanch Report]


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  • Wonderbatrachian

    Biking in South Africa is no longer on my bucket list.

  • Texasboy

    That is not aggressive behavior. Looks like their paths just crossed and the Wildebeest tried to jump over the biker. Normal behavior for antelope to try to jump over moving objects.

    • DL in Castle Rock

      That buck had his cross hairs on the rider. He came straight at him from considerable distance in wide open country. He didn’t try to jump over him. He intentionally took the rider out…for whatever the reason, no question about it. I watched it several times. It definitely WAS intentional. No doubt about it from the video

  • Mn_girl

    It has become more and more disturbing to to me watch horrible mishaps on TV shows and news programs portrayed as humorous.  There is no humor in watching a person being injured like this.  It is a sick mind to see this as funny and a point of humor.  No comment or announcement has been made regarding the physical condition of the person injured as though the human being had no value except for a joke.  Once again, this is sick.

    • Jimhinco

      I didn’t see it as humorous at all, but simply incredible. Why are you on this site if you find videos and commentors such as this sick?

    • iamme123

      Sorry, this is life and crappy things happen everyday, and if you can’t laugh at your misfortunes then you are in for a sad, sad life. BTW they did say he was fine but you were probably too busy watching that poor guy get creamed – If you are so tired of watching these mishaps, then why do YOU chose to watch it?

    • Steve_jordan

      Come on MAN!  Lighted up

  • Joseph Patrick Wightman

    That was awesome!!! sorry bout your helmet though. You can show that one to your grandkids.

  • Joseph Patrick Wightman

    Check it out

  • guest

    “And for the record, Van der Spuy is doing just fine, save for a stiff neck and some new hoof marks running the length of his back (probably).”
    Relax. I’m sure he thinks it’s just as funny as we do.

  • DL in Castle Rock

    And, Texas boy, it was a hartebeast…not a wildebeast.  It is “normal behavior for antelopes to jump over moving objects”?  What, like cars and motorcycles and horses? Where did you pull that one from?

  • raver

    ray lewis does the same thing, then leaves you still wondering wat that was on the flight home

  • Ptown 1983

    Okay the only reason why this is funny because the guy is alright after the hit, but you deserve to get your ass knocked out riding threw Africa on a bike with wild animals  around haha:). He better be glade it wasnt Lion King  mufasa that jumped on his back:) 

  • Stealth182

    How can you be so dumb as to not even notice its coming in a wide open field. Not like it jumped out of the bushes

  • Joe Ward

    This is exactly why “I do not mountain bike”……….

  • Clinton Van Der Berg

    South African wildlife doesn’t like competition.

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