Your Musical Interlude for the Day: Mike Tyson Sings “The Girl From Ipanema”

Not bad for someone who used to pummel guys for a living. I dare say the Tyson has some decent singing chops. Is it just me or has everything Mike Tyson been involved with lately been nothing but gold?

The former heavyweight champ showed off his crooning abilities on the Brazilian variety show Huck’s Cauldron, performing a duet with Daniel Jobim. Looks to me that the transformation from universally reviled athlete to much-loved celebrity is just about complete for Iron Mike. If O.J. Simpson ever gets out of prison (not likely)  he should hire Tyson on as a consultant to help him try and win back favor with the general public.

Hey, couldn’t hurt.



About the author: Jeff Greenwell


Jeff Greenwell is the writer/editor of Last Angry Fan. Jeff has been known to rock a Speedo while belting out Robert Goulet tunes from his front porch, and in his spare time he enjoys capturing and training feral goats to be his minions. Also known to dig a nice brick of cheese from time to time.



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