Christmas is Officially Here Now That We Have Our First Tebowing Lights Display

Christmas comes to Gainesville in the most Tim Tebow way possible, with this unique “Tebowing” lights display. It’s exquisite in its pageantry, and even though it’s not up to Clark Griswold’s ridiculously high standards, I’m sure the majority of Tebow admirers would proclaim it the most beautiful thing they’ve ever laid eyes upon.

But for my money, it doesn’t hold a candle to Logan Morrison’s probably fake, but terribly clever X-mas lights display.

[via @bubbaprog]


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Jeff Greenwell is the writer/editor of Last Angry Fan. Jeff has been known to rock a Speedo while belting out Robert Goulet tunes from his front porch, and in his spare time he enjoys capturing and training feral goats to be his minions. Also known to dig a nice brick of cheese from time to time.



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  • Rick Gershman

    I’d find this cute if not for the fact that the writer fails to correctly spell “Gainesville” or even “its” (“it’s pageantry”), which is pretty sad in only three sentences.

    • LastAngryFan

       Fixed.  It’s also pretty sad when a guy can’t enjoy an article because of two minor mistakes.  Careful getting off that high horse…

      • Anonymous

        Pretty comfortable up here, actually. Thanks for fixing. 


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