Mugging an MMA Fighter Ends With Predictable Results to Mugger’s Face

The life of a mugger is a risky one, and not just because you’ve chosen a career path that will most likely end when you get arrested and tossed in jail.  No, holding strangers up for their valuables may be hazardous because there’s always that chance that you’re going to pick the wrong victim to rob and end up on the receiving end of a few well-placed fists of steel belonging to an MMA fighter.

Pictured is the bruised and battered face of Anthony Miranda, a Chicagoan and the alleged mugger who chose the absolute worst person to try and hold up when he attempted to rob a gentleman known only as Justin from Des Plaines, who also happens to be a 6-foot-2, 250-pound MMA fighter.  Judging by Miranda’s mugshot, I’ll say the encounter didn’t really swing in his favor.

The incident occurred in Chicago’s Southwest Side this past Friday night, when, while sitting in his car, Justin was approached by Miranda who asked the soon-to-be victim for a light for his cigarette.  Things turned felonious when Miranda allegedly pulled a gun and demanded cash, Justin’s phone and keys, and got intense when the $30 Justin gave him didn’t suffice, and Miranda ordered the MMA expert out of the car at gunpoint.

Right about then the tables were turned, and things went wrong for the 24-year-old Miranda.  Terribly, terribly wrong.

From the Chicago Sun Times

Justin said he looked at the man facing him, pistol pointing at his chest, and was pretty certain he was about to take a bullet.

“I wasn’t scared because I’m trained,” Justin explained.

Justin then demonstrated to a reporter the sudden, rather effective maneuver that disarmed his attacker.

“The round went off,” Justin continued. “I put him down to the ground. He was fighting. He didn’t want to give up.”

But at the same time, Justin said: “He was begging me to let him go. He said he has a baby.”

Justin then kept his attacker collared until police arrived.

For the record, the round that went off ended up in Miranda’s lower leg.  So instead of a handful of cash and a cell phone, the mugger has a hole in his ankle, a total mess where his face used to be, and, if he keeps going the way he is, a kid that won’t have a father around to help raise him.

Maybe getting whupped by a MMA fighter in a mugging gone way wrong might scare Anthony Miranda straight…or at least help point his criminal career in a different, and safer direction.

[via Buzzfeed]


About the author: Jeff Greenwell


Jeff Greenwell is the writer/editor of Last Angry Fan. Jeff has been known to rock a Speedo while belting out Robert Goulet tunes from his front porch, and in his spare time he enjoys capturing and training feral goats to be his minions. Also known to dig a nice brick of cheese from time to time.



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  • David

    Yeah, I hope he learns too, but y’know some thugs just don’t believe what they’re doing is wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Pity that this mellon head is still vertical.  Probably not smart enough to do it himself, though.

  • Servius

    Thing is, If we all were armed we’d all have the same chance as this trained fighter.

    • whig

      yeah or we would get shot instead of handing over some worthless paper

      • Swollen Cranium

        Apparently YOU need reading lessons.  The thug was NOT satisfied with the ‘worthless paper’ that was willingly given.

        The citizen did the only thing he could have done because he felt his life was at stake. 

        Had you been robbed and killed You could only wear the sign of victim.  

        The man in the article that rightly fought for his life is not a victim, even had he been shot in the struggle.

        Keep practicing that cute move of rolling over and showing your belly, it suits you fine.

      • Car31jou

        Read before you write, he handed over $30 of worthless paper and the guy wasn’t satisfied. There are probably millions of instants where the pe0ple handed over their worthless paper and everything else and still got murdered. Being armed yourself may not work out for you , but, is gives you a fighting chance.
         You can roll over as often as you want, me, I wish the government would give me a fighting chance.

        • nunyabizness71

          “wish the government would give me a fighting chance.”

          Or just get the hell out of the way.

      • H46ac

        Read the article.  As for me?  I’m a former Marine and still train in multiple disciplines as we speak.  You want my wallet, you can have it, take it and be gone.  You want to step it up, then I’ll do the same.  Anyone who is trained knows their limits and knows when they’ll have to make that choice.

  • Adda Gaddadavida

    You pull a pistol you best use it. There are plenty of moves to disarm an attacker, and this guy had his move planned from jump street. Having ur own permit would help, but is it worth the $100 or so in ur pocket? I don’t think so. Wow wat an azz whuppin’ he got!! Bada BING!!

  • G-man

    the punk got what he deserved.. he should have got his face rearranged more.  I carry a Judge in my pocket. the punk was a punk on the streets and will be a punk in the joint… G-man

  • 2kute4

    now what posse this fool to TRY to rob sombody bigger then his stupid azz u know he NEEDS TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND GET AN EDUCATION !!!!!!!!!! robbing jx aint paying enough~lmmfao

    • Anonymous

      the guy was sitting in a car so the mugger had no way to know how big he was. read the news

      • James Benoit

        I doesn’t take a genius or ESP to SEE that a 6’2″ 250 guy is “kinda big” even seated in a car.
        He LOOKED in to the car AND conducted a ROBBERY with the MMA guy seated in the car.

        By the time he ordered him OUT of the car this PUNK should have backed off – BUT, LIKE A PUNK – he thought the GUN made him BIG. Wrong. Game over. Get a clue clown.

  • Derek

    Glad to see this guy got what was coming his way. Perhaps this will teach him a lesson… (Pfffft… yeah right!!!)..
      A question for all you Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton loving gun grabbers out there trying to dissect the rights of Americans as you see fit…

      Your Daughter is leaving work at 10pm and must walk across a semi-lit parking lot. Suddenly, a car that was not there when she checked before locking up pulls up and a large man jumps out and attempts to grab her and drag her into his car.

     Would you rather her have…

    A. A cell phone to call you or the police who may be blocks or even miles away?

    B. A can of pepper spray that takes as long as 2 minutes to cause any real effect since law enforcement grade spray is unavailable to those not knowing where to buy it?

    C. A stun gun (or zapper) which will piss the attacker off and will likely be used on your daughter while she is raped and murdered?

    D. A Concealed yet readily accessible firearm that she has been trained to shoot by a professional at a licensed and well staffed shooting rang and practices with regularly?

    There is no question that NOTHING is fool proof when it comes to being attacked. But simply reading FBI crime reports and crime statistics show very clearly that since concealed carry was reinstated, violent crime has declined and violent crime on armed, trained individuals is FAR less likely to end in the victim being killed. Who cares if the criminal is killed in his/her effort… they bought their ticket and knew what they were getting into the day the decided to rob people.

     Want to take gun away from criminals…? Give them SERIOUS TIME if caught with illegal weapons. But DO NOT take the rights away from law abiding Americans who have every right there is to protect themselves, their family and their property… yes, even that worthless paper some speak of.

    • Anonymous

      A question to all you Charlton Heston wannabees…

      How would you feel when your teenager is sneaking in or out of the house in the middle of the night and it’s you that puts a bullet or two through them??? A far more likely senario, actually. I can’t believe I’m even wasting time responding to another one of these hypothetical “gun-lovers” senarios meant to convince all of us in the certitude of their position. Life isn’t as black and white as you present it…but I’ve wasted enough time not convincing you of that point.

      • Itsall SmokeandMirrors

        You don’t want guns, that’s fine….Don’t infringe on my Constitutional right to possess and defend with mine.

        • Chethammer

          The “right to keep and bear arms” does not mean for you personal protection it was for our nation as a whole.

          • Emmanuel Goldstein

            Luckily the Supreme Court disagrees with your incorrect assessment. Self defense is a civil right, regardless of what you anti-civil rights hate-mongers would believe. What’s next, are you guys going to try and reinstate slave ownership too? 

          • JJD

            If you can’t defend yourself you can’t defend your country.

      • NURSE RN


      • Sven

        4got2duck….what a wonderful “pollyanna” world you must live in.  Hope you don’t have a family to protect.

        • Anonymous

          Pollyanna world? Let’s be honest-most people live in the same world I live in. The vast majority of homeowners have never had to use a firearm for personal protection in their home. Many will argue the point, but that is simply reality. More homes have not been broken into and defended by firearm, then have been broken into and defended with a firearm. I am not trying to take the right of anyone away-just trying to get the other side to argue their case factually-which almost never happens. Just watch the 10 responses this gets from people insisting they’ve used their guns to defend themselves repeatedly. While many say it, I’ve never seen a statistic that backs up those claims.

      • Alan T.

        hey 4gothow2peestandingupcuzimapuss, wtf… You dont hear me crying because you refuse to have a job, hug trees, dont shower, cry about the environment, where a stupid beanie and obama didnt write your check this month.  Go back to your tent in my park and occupy my fist… Swing by and I’ll sack you a lunch.

        • charles peters

          wow , you are a tool.

        • Anonymous

          I can at least respect some of the others that have attacked my argument and not me. If it makes you feel better to call me all of those things, so be it, but you detract from your argument when you write a four line response to my point with nothing but names you’d like to call me. If that is the best you can do-may I remind you of a Ben Franklin quote, “It is better to be quiet and thought a fool, then to open one’s mouth and remove all  doubt.”

      • Mark

        Actually, not far more likely at all.  Every well trained self respecting fire arm owner knows that you don’t shoot at something you can’t positively identify.  Every anti-gun activist paints every picture like a wild wild west scene.  Educate yourself about gun safety, about tactics, etc.  Then comment.

        • Catfishvance

          Amen brother Amen

        • Anonymous

          No way man, in my house I’m shooting everything that moves, and even stuff that doesn’t move! See that guy in the window? BLAM! See that shadow in the hallway? BLAM! Hi kitty! BLAM! (meow)
          I’m drunk on power because I own guns!!! MUAHAHAHA!!!!!! BLAM BLAM BLAM!!!!!!!

          ….Who cares about my son/wife/animals/neighbors when I can be shootin’ me up some CRIMINALS. Don’t you know that’s one of the first rules of owning a gun? Throw your brain out the window and start blasting at bad guys?BLAM BLAM!Is this really what anti-gun people think?

          • Flytunes

            “Hi Kitty! BLAM!” LMAO!!! LOLOLOL!!!

      • Oldmusher

        Sounds dramatic, but in real life this almost never happens.  My state relaxed conceal and carry laws several years ago, and since then there has been only one incident where a registered firearm has been discharged illegally.  In the meantime, several crimes have been stopped or prevented by legally armed citizens.  The opponents of this new law wailed about “Dodge City in the streets” and “people shot down by their own family members”, but it was all BS.  Never happens.  Tell the family that if they come sneaking into the house at 3:00 am in the dark that their lives are in danger, and everything is fine.

        Unless YOUR relatives are dimwits, Ducky.

      • Tru Gank

        Your scenario is not likely.  Do you know anybody who has shot their teenager sneaking out of the house?  I haven’t but I promise you I know at least 5  people including myself, that changed the course of a break in, chased off attacking street thugs and stopped an abusive spouse from sending her to her final resting place.  No matter what you think and people like you think, the reality is violence only responds to violence.  I PROMISE you that you cannot talk your way out of becoming a victim.  Talking is not the language of the battlefield.  The MMA guy had something in the place of a gun.  His training.  Perhaps we should make it mandatory for all US citizens to master Krav Maga and Brazilian Ju- Jitsu.  That would be an option but for those that are not experts, COLD steel is the next best thing.  I wish my 25-yo murdered niece would have had a gun.  Hide behind theory.  I will hide behind my 9 mm and anything that comes in my door uninvited, may God have mercy on his soul because I have no interest in conversation. How does your family feel about your inability to protect them?

        • Anonymous

          I personally dont own a gun for the fact that in my area crime is low and I dont really need it. Also the fact that the criminals dont know I have no weapons allows me to not have a weapon thank you gun owners for keeping me safe!

          • Anonymous

            Wow… someone actually said thanks?? This is the first time I have ever (EVER) seen someone thank gun owners on the Internet for keeping them safe. Bad ass! 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Well said… You should check out something in 10mm next time, you will like it. 😀

      • Anonymous

        my son or daughter would never have to sneak into my house as they are both responsible and would never have to.

      • Anonymous

        4got are you some kind of idiot? Id say the chances of that are extremely low in fact i have never heard about that happening. I have heard of plenty of muggings and rapes though.

      • JoshR

        Hopefully my teenager is not a retard like your pot smoking kids are.  They will know I keep guns, where I keep them and under what circumstances I bring them out.  They will trust and respect me enough to let me know when they are doing stupid shit, as I understand being young is young.  Stop with the stupid “what-if” stories.

        • Anonymous

          Read my original post-it was a hypothetical response to a hypothetical response. Someone else made the hypothetical situation up in the first place, I was responding in kind, making the point that you obviously missed-anyone can play that game to no end. What does it really prove on either side? So I thank you for not comprehending that point and wasting my time.

          Just a side note on the names you call others. The word retard used in the context you’ve used it can be quite offensive to many people. Surely you could have made your useless point without offending many people needlessly. But as others have done, you also chose to attack me and not my argument.

      • Anonymous

        Yawn. You are not realizing that guns are TOOLS. How would you feel if your teenage son was sneaking out and you ran up behind him and hit him in the head with a bat? Stop making straw man arguments, we could be here all day.

        You’re exactly right, life isn’t black and white. The same goes for you though. Just like it wouldn’t be right for EVERYONE to have guns, it’s not right for NO ONE to have guns either.

        I’m all for strict testing and training for civilians. I think people who CC should have the same training as cops, to be honest. I will agree that there are a lot of people out there that don’t deserve to have them. They are too stupid, irresponsible, etc.

        But for the rest of us — the ones who are good people that follow the rules — well, I’m afraid you will have to come and take them if you want them. You can have the lead first.

        • Anonymous

          Well, thanks for weighing in on this argument three months after it ended. I like how you chastise me for creating “straw man arguments” and then follow it up with one of your own. Go back and read my posts again. Copy and paste the parts where I made the arguments that guns should be taken away from anyone. I already read them, and you won’t find anything to copy and paste. I guess your post was really just about the witty banter at the end. Oh how I never tire of those cute phrases like”you can have the lead first.” You guys always have a way of convincing yourselves that you were the first person to come up with the words I’ve read on thousands of bumper stickers before. If you want to argue, start three months sooner, and use a phrase that hasn’t been turned into a bumper sticker 30 years ago.

          • Anonymous

            You mean I didn’t think that up? Damn, I thought I was the first to ever come up with that combination of 6 words in the last 250 years.


    • NURSE RN


      • Zed

        This is the best thing you can think of to say. I knew most Republicans were incredibly stupid but this is a new low.

        • MitchCumsteen14

          The dooshbag mugger probably was recruited by ACORN in 2008 and registered him a Democrat, so he could vote for OBLAH-MA…….He heard the Dems were promising more welfare for his extended brood

          • Anonymous

            MitchCumstain = Yawn.

      • Malcolms1150

        How did Obama get in this, did you notice it was the BAD guy who had the gun?

      • elmofuddleputt

        ohhhh…Caps lock. Unleash the fury.

    • Cjg_64

      well said.


      Guns are for cowards. Guns should only be for Police and Military then everyone else would have to fight with bare hands.

      • Brian Shaw

        That is about the dumbest comment Iv’e seen on here. If only police and military were legally allowed to own firearms then you would have no rights at all because nothing could stop them from taking them.  Of course the criminal coming down the street as you sit there with nothing to do but pound that sand has a gun because he doesn’t give two cents what the law has to say about it and he puts one right between your beady little eyes and rapes your daughter but hey that’s okay because your perfect world doesn’t allow guns.  Tell me one thing. What is it that you think gave you the right to post such an idiotic comment anyway? Let me answer that for you. Citizens with guns. Take that right away now and you take away decades of success and growth and replace it with the 4th reich.

    • Roanokejoe

      You’re a freaking moron, dude. The CRIMINAL had the gun, you dumbass.

  • James Benoit

    HA HA HA HA! That MAKES my day!

    I love when a thuggin’ PUNK gets his due. This pos PUNK should THANK his lucky stars and consider getting a real job.

    You KNOW this isn’t this punk stick-up man’s first rodeo, and the FACT that he ordered a guy out of car at gunpoint makes me wonder if he would have KILLED for $$$ for a crack rock or whatever he thought he needed the $$$ for –

    {definately NOT the baby, WE get to pay for that!}

  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    If arming women results in a lot of dead rapists, then I’m all for it. 

    • Outlawyer45

      If they shoot like they drive, it will result in a lot of dead everybody.

  • Kevin

    Crime never wins, and his face totally shows it, luckily he did get caught in a triangle or a guillatine choke.

  • Bob Glover

    No, actually your statement is factually and demonstrably wrong. Wherever firearms laws allow citizens to possess and carry concealed guns the crime rate has dropped. Yours is a statement that people who wish to control [read, ban] firearms use to justify a position that is indefensible. Read “More Guns: Less Crime, by Dr. John Lott. Lott is an economist and a researcher, not what you would doubtless refer to as a “gun nut.”





  • Charleyhog

    your exactly the type they look for     easy  to rob no defense   and then your family cries when you gog knifed   or shot or beaten to death    

  • Duanel 3

    Some few years ago a 19 year-old punk in San Francisco jumped out of a passing car, pointed a gun at a pedestrian on the sidewalk, and demanded his wallet. The pedestrian turned as if to pull out his wallet, but came up with a gun, shot and killed the punk. The pedestrian turned out to be a plain-clothed police officer. The punk’s parents sued the officer and the City of San Francisco for violating the punk’s civil rights.

  • Black Knight

    He is lucky to be alive. When he gets out of jail, maybe he will think twice about his career field. The fact that the gun went off tells me he was willing to kill someone for what he wanted. Armed robbery ought to get him about 20 years.

  • Flaneury

    He looks like a character from the walking dead.

  • H46ac

    Reading comprehension!  Try it!  You seem to have missed the point at which the fighter had to make that fight or flight response based on the actions of the attacker.  Pray you aren’t in the same position of having to either fight or take a bullet.  But don’t presume to think yourself smarter because you can be a monday morning quarterback on a crime.

  • Cameltoefungus


  • Ruffiandecoy

    He got what he deserved. Most people with common sense would think twice before trying to rob a man of that seize. Some people still believe that guns make them tough and a man. Well he will have the rest of his life to feel that pain from the bullet wound as a constant reminder of being stupid. Stupid is as stupid does. I hope he keeps a picture of his face so that he can have a constant reminder of how close he came to being beat to death. Please change careers this one is not working out for you very well.

  • Tru Gank

    You are partially correct.  Not everybody should be holding a gun without the proper training.  I don’t think that there would be a lot of dead people because the criminals have the guns now.  Add number of dead bodies attributed to them to  the nominal increase in body count that might be attributed to the criminals having their brains blown out trying to commit a crime against the newly armed citizen = increase.   Hmmm…. yer right.  I guess that would increase the body count huh?  LOL!!

  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    Absolutely hilarious, someone who can barely spell or use punctuation questions my ability to read. Mace is a joke compared to the determination of a motivated attacker. My daughter will be armed properly when the time comes, and she will be taught to repel violence with greater violence. 

  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    Civil rights cannot be repealed.

  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    As someone who lives near Compton and travels through the area regularly, the danger to average citizens who are not involved in the drug trade is massively overstated by the media. Massively.

  • Anonymous

    looks like he took a few before the police arrived. if you go down like all mma fights you cover up and try to get up. you failed on both accounts. lol

  • JamieAnne Bailey

    Stupid mugger!!!!

  • Anonymous

    You had a gun moron . why were you closer than an arms length from the guy. i guess the gun didn’tt give you an advantage but a brain might.. got what he deserved.  Try another profession your a failure as a criminal.

  • Tired OfYou

    Do You People Enjoy Publicly Sounding Stupid? I Guess The Moral To Be Learned From This Article And Posted Comments… Is That Children Left Behind Eventually Become Adult Morons.

  • Thatguylb

    Ask yourself this question; why is it that republicans have talked about doing welfare reform since Ronald Reagan for preisdent in 1980, but not one of them has attempted to cut or get rid of welfare programs? George W. Bush most recently had a chance for his first 6 years with a republican house and senate to pass any law he wanted to but didn’t. The elder Bush didn’t and your beloved Ronald Reagan didn’t do it. This is something that matters more than worrying about if the government is going to pass a bill to get rid of automatic weapons.

  • Max Murrell

    Personally for me a gun is woman’s weapon. My body is the only weapon I need.

  • DT

    To bad Justin did`t snap his Low-Life neck. Society has no use for these pieces of SHIT!!!!

  • RJ Payne

    Hey all you “Gun Lovers”

     I completely and totally agree with you all being a libertarian myself, but one thing I would like to point out is you are debating with people who think us all to be rednecks, uneducated people. Don’t give them any ammo by displaying any improper language. (by that I mean common fallacies) Don’t attack the person (funny and true as it may be) attack their illogical and statistically inaccurate argument. That is all. Most of you did a good job and I’m not saying any of you pro gun people are you wrong with your statements but it is just something to think about.

  • Brian Shaw

    exactly. As teens we played with 50 and 100 k volt stun guns zapping each other or ourselves numerous times. You also have to figure in the fact that batteries die, some men are bigger than others, any stun gun that “may” make a difference is going to be intended for law enforcement and is probably going to be a one shot device. Pepper spray… Iv’e seen people eat the shit. Lead on the other and is a nasty diet and in the proper hands is a sure thing.

  • Anonymous

    Nice use of pejoratives-really makes your argument for me. You actually help make the point I tried to make with my original post-you display the certitude of your position as if it would be completely out of bounds for another American to use their first amendment rights to question whether or not there can be another way. Why are some “gun lovers” so unwilling to see that there can be two sides to every issue-except this one, I guess.

  • Anonymous

    uh….maybe I do. Then again….maybe I don’t. This is the internet. It exists beyond the shores of the United States, maybe you’ve heard? Of course, will intelligence conversation such as you are able to provide, I am sure your level of education is such that you already knew what I am telling you. Keep up the witty banter, it impresses me and many others!

  • JJD

    What a Happy Ending the bad guy ends up shooting himself and getting his A$$ whipped with his face looking like Rorschach test.   The best is yet to come or should I say worst for the putrefied puddle of puck mugger aka Anthony Miranda because his new name in Jail or Prision is going to be B!t@#, if he let out into general population his A$$ is going to be traded around the yard like a rookie baseball card.  I hope Dana White gives this guy a bonus for stomping this guy into a mud puddle and them dry again

  • JJD

    Then I suggest that you do this country a favor and move to China or North Korea

  • JoshR

    Who the hell cares what you want?  Judging from your name you’re a waste of space and societal resources a$$hole.  Good thing the people who founded the United States didn’t base the Constitution on the whims of weak, uneducated pieces of crap like you.

  • Pingback: Don't try and mug an MMA fighter...Your face will get messed up lol - Lx Forums | Dodge Charger Challenger Magnum | SRT8 | Chrysler 300 Forum()

  • Jthompson4

    Dude got what was coming to him. Strike one up to the good guys!!! All your gun arguments are boring.

  • Jackrostetter

    It is very interesting how a mugging gone bad has turned into a constitutional dialogue.  So allow me to throw in..What we should all be discussing, as human beings, is how to eliminate the need for firearms.  How can we promote intelligence over instincts and overcome whatever animalistic, base, instincts that promulgate crime.  Until we can do that.. there will be a need for protection in a form that will incapacitate would be violent attackers.  A large caliber firearm seems to be the most effective weapon currently available.  

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. I’m a liberal-leaning centrist who loves my guns. 2A applies to all of us, red, blue, purple… 

    And I would use my guns to save the life of an R just as fast as I would a D or I. Anyone who says differently doesn’t deserve theirs, in my humble opinion.

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t want it, then move out of the country. 

    I don’t want a defenseless neighbor anyways. 😉

  • Anonymous

    “did fire one shot from his handgun, but that he didn’t mean to pull the trigger”

    So what you are really arguing is the need for better training. It’s not the gun’s fault the guy didn’t know how to use it. And a cop! Sad.

    Also: “Officer Jones and his daughter do not live together.”
    So it sounds to me like he wasn’t expecting her to be there. Maybe she should have called first, knowing her dad was an armed cop? Again, what you are really arguing is the need for better training.
    Do you honestly think that someone who KNOWS THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE IN THE HOUSE WITH THEM are just going to start blasting away? That’s ridiculous. Have you ever been to a gun forum and read any of the conversations gun owners have about this subject? There are thousands and thousands of pages of discussion all over the Internet just about AMMO TYPES to ensure maximum safety for home defense, let alone scenario discussion, morality discussion, etc.

    TL;DR: Find a different article but that one is weaksauce.

  • Anonymous

    Says the person who said, “you a parent can’t different”… Do you know what using English means?

    • Think before you type

      I think he meant something like … 
      “you as a parent can’t differentiate”

      @ Think before you speak … Do you know what being condescending and correcting someone’s grammar, when yours is even worse means? Yep, you guessed it … you look like an ass lol.

  • Brian Field

    Obviously, based on his response, you guessed correctly and he is from Canada! LOL

  • lupine3

    Knowledge is power Rico! Do a little research and you will see that Nurse is CORRECT.

  • cleveridea

    A complete inability to use context clues? Modern readers of journalism.

  • John Doe’s Father

    Typical Liberal , you find some instance where a gun is in the wrong or untrained hands and treat it like it’s the norm. So because someone doesn’t know how to handle a gun , none of us should have one ? Most criminals don’t know how to handle a gun well, but they accomplish what they set out to. I handle and shoot my guns, both long and hand, often. I hunt and or shoot, throughout the year. The long guns are all well sighted and get fired in at least 5-6 shooting sessions a year. My pistol (1) gets 20-30 rounds fired about 4-5 times a year. Those numbers aren’t what I would consider great, but I know how to use them, and they’re all clean, loaded and handy. So if one of the criminals that you libterds seem to love to defend, comes at me, it’ll be his last attack. and another thing. When you have to use a gun in defense, there should only be one story coming out the situation, MY LAWYER’S.

  • John Doe’s Father

    Dead on

  • John Doe’s Father

    You’re mistaken. And if you really want the truth ask an Australian about the gun grab that happened in their country. ALL violent crime is up, as it is in every city governed by liberals. We’ve lost more people in either Detroit and Chicago then Afghanistan . You libterds find some small fact that suits your argument and use it as if it were relevant . Guns STOP crime. Criminals will always have guns. The only ones that government takes guns from are the prospective victims.

  • urlacker


  • Zack Selzman

    Their not there, firearms not fire arms. Hitler and the Nazis did not strengthen gun ownership laws, they loosened them (Jews could not buy guns, so they never registered any guns.) The right to Bare arms allows you to get a suntan, the right to bear arms allows you to own weapons. I absolutely agree with you on the Ben Franklin quote, well said.


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