This Bench Clearing Hockey Brawl Involving 9-Year-Olds is Just Precious

Most of the time when a pair of hockey teams engage in a bench clearing brawl, it’s nothing to laugh at.  Of course, most of the time those brawls don’t involve two teams made up of 9-year-old kids.  Lucky for us this one does, and instead of turning into a vicious cockfight, this melee may just be the most adorable brouhaha in the history of hockey brawls.

Seems this fracas took place in Kazakhstan, a country most famous for being the birthplace of Borat.  Other than that I got nothing when it comes to Kazakhstan.  But now I can say that 9-year-old Kazakh hockey players can scrap with the best of them, at least until their parents come out on the ice and put an end to their shenanigans.

There’s not much to say about the brawl, so I’ll let the YouTube description fill you in on the relevant details.

This is my 9-year-old brother’s team Kokshetau – Burabay (green) fighting against the team from the capital city of Kazakhstan – Astana (white). Even though team Astana won against Burabay 5:3, they started talking crap to their opponents during hand shakes; so the capitan of Burabay’s team could not just let it go and started the fight.

Nice.  Not content with the win, the Astana team has to also talk some trash during the post-game handshake.  That was just too much for the Burabay captain, and like the true leader he is, decided to answer the taunting with his fists.  That’s how they roll in Kazakhstan.

Video follows the jump…

Notice how the kids responded when the parents came out on the ice?  Maybe the NHL should consider using players’ parents as a deterrent to fighting.  I mean, how many guys would drop the gloves knowing that their mother might come out on the ice surface and drag them off by the scruff of their neck?

Answer: very few.

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  • Anonymous

    my view on fighting in the nhl stands i will spend no money on them or ever whatch the nhl until fighting is dealt with the way it should and when fights break out even a little fight between 2 players they should have the shit beat out of them by police officers then token tojail and banded from ever playing any sport in the usa

    • Asasa

      obviously you don’t watch hockey hahahahahahaha. its part of the game. thats why no pussies are allowed in the game. Go play some more tennis or something

    • Anonymous

      It really is part of the game. If you fight, you get a 5 minute penalty. You know the consequence your team faced once you start throwing bones, just like you would if you commit a high stick penalty-the league doesn’t get involved in those instances-so why fighting? Why does the league have to get involved-there is already an in-game rule to deal with the situation. I mean, we have an entire sport devoted to fighting-it’s called BOXING-so why can’t fighting be a part of the sport of hockey?

    • dumb ass.

      Wow… you truly are a retard… did you really say “token tojail and banded from ever playing any sport in the usa” !!!?! ahaha wow… also, hockey is a major sport outside of the USA, turd burglar. I would prefer if people like you go back to tennis and leave true sports alone.

  • Skipper

    Take a look at the crowd at a NHL game when a fight is on, it’s part of the game. If you don’t like it,don’t watch or attend. As for us NHL fans we’ll take a good fight once and awhile.

  • Boston74

    If you don’t like NHL enforcers or that aspect of the game…don’t watch it,  panty waste…Most of these guys have an on ice respect for each other that surpasses anything the general public can muster. It is a part of the game, just as it is a part of life. I would rather be involved in a fight where my opponent respects me and shows his intent, than in a boardroom or office where my colleague smiles and shakes my hand with some small talk while he steals my ideas, rumor-mills me, or steals from me. 

  • Spot

    Up until about 1970 kids on the Range could have a permit to carry while playing hockey.


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