UL-Lafayette Strength Coach Couldn’t Care Less About His Bleeding Head Wound

UL-Lafayette strength coach Rusty Whitt, whose team is taking on San Diego State in the R + L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, is either oblivious to the trail of blood running down the side of his face, or he’s so tough and macho that he just doesn’t care.  Since he’s rocking a pair of sunglasses inside the Superdome, I’ll go with the latter.

How appropriate that the team he coaches is called the Ragin’ Cajuns, because it looks as if Rusty Whitt has quite a bit of ragin’ machismo going on.  All kidding aside, if he’s refusing to use a tissue to clean up his bloodied head and face, at least spray a little Bactine on the wound before it gets infected.  An ounce of prevention and all that.

[30fps.mocksession.com via @bubbaprog]


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  • Guseman_john

    My name is John Guseman and I use to play under Coach Whitt at Sam Houston State and I can guarantee u it is because he is the biggest bad ass in all of coaching or in all of football.


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