Bubba Watson Really is a Good Ol’ Boy Now That He Owns the General Lee

See what $110,000 and a love of 80s TV shows can get you?  No, not a year’s worth of lawn care from William “The Greatest American Hero” Katt, although I’m sure he’d appreciate the work.  If you’re PGA golfer Bubba Watson it gets you your “dream car,” the famed General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard, undoubtedly the finest car prominently featuring the Confederate flag in television history.

Watson’s General Lee, which he picked up at a Barrett-Jackson auto auction this past weekend, is the very one seen jumping over the police car in the show’s opening credits, meaning it was seen by millions of awe-struck viewers weekly during the show’s six year run.  And you thought your car was cool because it has four cup holders and a DVD player.

Now if only Catherine Bach circa 1982 had come with it, Daisy Dukes and all, then he really would have gotten a steal.

[H/T to Devil Ball Golf]


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