Georgia Bulldogs Fans: First in School Spirit, Last in Proper Spelling

There has to be more to this story, because I doubt very seriously that a Georgia fan would not know how to spell Dawgs.  Perhaps it’s an inside joke, or just a clever way to ensure the ESPN camera focuses in on him.  Or maybe, just maybe, this guy really can’t spell worth a damn.

While the “DWAGS” may have lost the Outback Bowl 33-30 to Michigan State in triple overtime, at least this fan can take solace in knowing that he takes the prize for best gameday sign of the this year’s bowl season.

[via MockSession]


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  • Hudgitn

    Did you really write this article?  You have not done your SEC history research my friend.  Google is at your finger tips!!!!  Your ignorance is amusing.  Since the inception of their football team they have spelled “dog” as “Dawg”.  It is a signature, just as LSU spells “Geaux”. 

    • LastAngryFan

      Since when is Dawg spelled DWAGS?  Did you even read the article?  Your ignorance is only trumped by your illiteracy.

    • LastAngryFan

      Your ignorance is amusing, as is your inability to read.  Since when is Dawgs spelled DWAGS?  Try reading the article next time before leaving a snarky comment.


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