Ice Rink Roof Collapsing the Second Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Richard Zednik

Wait, make that the third worst thing to ever happen to former NHLer Richard Zednik.  I forgot about the two years he spent with the Florida Panthers.

Zednik was in his native Slovakia participating in a youth hockey event when the roof of the hockey rink, which opened just last November, started to collapse from the weight of ice and snow, until it totally came down on the ice surface below.  Thankfully Zednik and the kids had been cleared from the rink when the roof came a tumbling down.

Reports say that no one was injured in the frightening event.  Of course, Zednik already survived a skate to the carotid artery in 2008, and since that didn’t kill him, chances were slim that something as trifle as a roof collapsing would be the end of him.  Seriously, dude is either invincible or has a guardian angel.

Or both.

[Live Leak via Puck Daddy]


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