Stanislas Wawrinka Got a Handful of Lineswoman at the Australian Open

During the men’s singles match between Stanislas Wawrinka and Marco Baghdatis at the Australian Open, Wawrinka got a little up close and friendly with a lineswoman, and unintentionally copped a feel as he tries maintaining his balance.  Judging by the look on the young lady’s face, she doesn’t seem to mind one bit.  The ball girl looks a bit ticked off at all the attention Wawrinka is lavishing on the lineswoman, which might be setting things up for a sordid tennis love triangle.

No wonder Baghdatis smashed four of his raquets in this match.  Not only did he go down in defeat in the second round of the Aussie Open, but he also had to sit there and watch Wawrinka grope a lovely young lady, while he was left to play with his multitude of broken raquets, and most likely himself.

The 2012 Australian Open—come for the tennis, stay for the accidental touching.

[H/T to Outside the Boxscore]


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