Chris Bosh dropped a little profanity during LeBron’s post-game interview

The Miami Heat topped the Milwaukee Bucks 114-96 this past Monday night, powered by LeBron James’ 35-points.  Leading your team in scoring usually means a post-game interview with the Fox Sports affiliate in Florida, even moreso when that particular player is LeBron.  The interview was going swimmingly until Chris Bosh crashed the party with some good-natured humor, punctuated with a little casual profanity.

Here’s the somewhat NSFW video (if your boss has a problem with the word sh*t or LeBron James, best not to watch it at all)…

Nothing like working blue on live TV.    How much you want to bet that Fox Sports Florida wishes they had a 7-second delay right about the time the words “good sh*t” came flying out of Bosh’s mouth?


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