“Sanchez” girl from Giants victory parade explains why she said what she said

And her explanation makes about as much sense as screaming out “Sanchez!” when asked what Giants player she was hoping to see…

That makes total sense, in an illogical, non-sensical sort of way. Good thing they’re both hot, as attractive women are usually given a pass on matters such as these.

I can actually buy the idea that she didn’t realize what she was saying when she yelled out Mark Sanchez’s name, given her hair color, the fact that she had her roommate on her shoulders, alcohol was probably involved, and she was just caught up in the moment, because that can happen to anybody.  But claiming to like every team of every sport?  Even the news anchors had to laugh at that ridiculous remark.  Just say you were there to party your ass off and be done with it.

At least we know that it wasn’t a concussion that was responsible for her slip-o-the-tongue, but rather a complete lack of sports knowledge.  What a relief.

[via The Green Room]


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