VIDEO: Snooker player pulls off luckiest unintentional trick shot you will ever see

Nearly three years into the existence of this site and we finally have our first snooker post.  Seems about right to me.

The 2012 World Open of snooker is currently underway in Haikou, China, a fact I’m sure most of you probably didn’t know.  During a match between Thailand’s Thanawat Thirapongpaiboon and England’s Robert Milkins, Thirapongpaiboon executed what is arguably the flukiest shot in snooker history, as his final shot on the black ball jumped off the table, rode the rail without falling, and ended up dropping right into the corner pocket.

See, snooker’s an easy game to master when you have lady luck on your side.  Oh, and it doesn’t hurt when you’re shot is able to contradict the immutable laws of physics.


Alas, Thirapongpaiboon would go on to lose his match to Milkins 5-3.  At least he can take comfort in knowing he bested Milkins in the trick shot and swimsuit competitions.



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