VIDEO: Norris Cole follows up nice steal and dunk with an awkward faceplant

Stick the landing…stick the landing!

The Knicks traveled to South Beach to take on the red hot Miami Heat in Thursday night NBA action. Miami rolled to their 8th straight win, keeping wunderkind Jeremy Lin and crew in check to top New York 102-88.  Rookie Norris Cole came off the bench to contribute 10 points in the victory, including the steal-dunk-faceplant you witnessed above.

No idea what Cole was thinking there.  The usual course of a slam dunk is to leap, jam the ball through the hoop, then gracefully land on your feet while lapping up the cheers from the adoring crowd.  The Heat guard got most of that right, except for that crucial last part,  instead hanging on the rim for a split-second before awkwardly falling to the floor like he was trying to execute some kind of self-induced body slam.  Love how he jumped right up and tried to play it off like it was no big deal in an effort to save face.

Sorry Norris, but everybody that saw your embarrassing moment knows that had to sting just a bit.

[via @jose3030]


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