Belgian soccer player booked for diving despite being knocked unconscious

Soccer really needs to curb the growing epidemic that is diving, but this probably isn’t the best way to go about doing it. Late in a match between Belgian amateur squads Templeuve and Quevy, Julien Lecomte took an elbow to the back of the head as he went up for a header.  Lecomte suffered a concussion and three displaced vertebrae from the collision and had to be carted off the pitch on a stretcher.

For some reason the referee determined Lecomte was diving to try and win a penalty, and awarded the unconscious soccer player a yellow card.  Since it was Lecomte’s second yellow of the match, the official had no choice but to show a red card to the obviously injured player as he lay on a stretcher covered in a white sheet in a scene that was both puzzling and surreal.

I’m sure Lecomte will be as outraged as his teammates at his ridiculous booking, once he regains consciousness.

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  • Edco4

    THAT is why soccer is a joke – the refs can’t tell the difference between fakers and players that are really hurt!

    • Preston

      Yes because there is no “pause the game so we can review the play” feature. Referees in soccer have to make real-time decisions and they don’t get to change those decisions. With diving becoming so common, it is hard to tell a lot of the time and it makes for some very difficult call making. That does not make soccer a joke.
      However in this situation, it is ridiculous that he was carded when he was unconscious on a stretcher. Bad calls are made in every sport.

  • Preston

    I didn’t claim that THIS was a split-second decision. Ref made a bad call, like I DID state. You are correct, diving is a problem and I won’t be defending that, other than it doesn’t happen constantly like you said. Some people dive, yes, but that doesn’t mean every person does. I would personally go after people that did dive like pussies when I played in middle and high school. Unfortunately it is part of the game that players and refs have to look for. It is lame but it happens. Soccer is probably the least “joke” sport out there. No time outs, no media time outs, no pauses between plays, limited substitutes per game, and it is the longest game by half an hour. Oh and the world cup is viewed WORLD WIDE by over a billion people every 4 years. Not sure why that many people would waste their time watching something that is a joke. So no, soccer is not a joke. Especially by your logic. Sorry Ed.


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