Caroline Wozniacki’s prank on Maria Sharapova doesn’t go according to plan

Caroline Wozniacki is a world class tennis player, girlfriend of PGA golfer Rory McIlroy, and apparently a bit of a prankster.  She seems to be pretty good at the first two items on that list, but her pranking may need a bit of work, after this failed practical joke attempt on Maria Sharapova at the  BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells.

The prank seem simple enough—pop a balloon while the unsuspecting Sharapova is being interviewed—but for some reason the playful Wozniacki can’t seem to execute the most important part of her nefarious plan.  She jumps on it, stomps on it, and still can’t pop the balloon, even after she gets caught in the act by Sharapova.  They should build airplanes and space stations out of this balloon and it’s seemingly indestructible material.

Set phaser to adorable…

Between Wozniacki and Sharapova, that was more cuteness in one video clip than should be allowed by law.


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