Jeremy Lin has a strain of marijuana named after him called “Linsanity OG”

Now you can get higher than Jeremy Lin’s IQ and turnover rate combined.  Hiyo!

Apparently rapper Rick Ross tweeted out this photo of “Linsanity OG,” the strain of ganja named after the Knicks wonderboy, while he was marijuana shopping earlier today.    I wish I knew which stores Ross frequents to get his smoke, because the last time I went to the mall to do some weed shopping I got arrested.  I should sue the Pottery Barn for false advertising.

[image via Buzzfeed]


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  • Captainzero1

    Its just Normal OG Kush renamed! Kinda funny!!!!

  • Michael X

    Dispensaries do anything to sell a product…  There are only three kinds of Herb…SATIVA, INDICA, RUDERALIS……  The only difference is the taste, THC, CBN.CBD values that make them different and its all about who grows the herb.  For example, 2 seeds of Jack Herer will be totally different from grower to grower…depends on the environment, the nutrition, lighting etc etc….   All the names and bullshit sales tactics are nothing more than semantics to sell product…

  • Michael X

    Furthermore, 18 a gram 60 and 1/8th is this canadian money? ….  I get any strain and a selective choice of fine grade for no more than $10usd a gram in WA state… This must be a Canadian Dispensary….

  • lc shelton wa

    cannabis outreach services, lacey wa 98503. 5709 lacey blvd se,ste,204 360-459-2555. 7 days a week, hours 10:00am to 8:00pm off I-5 exit 108 on to college street, take left onto lacey blvd and it will be down couple blocks on right in clearbrook office park. lots of parking. really nice people, who tell you to take your time and enjoy. nothing over 10 a gram. allways top grade, lots of kinds to pick through,very smelly, very sticky and best of all very potent. examples, blue berry, blue dream,blue haze, blue magoo, blue trinity, sour diesel, snow cap, back door kush, bubba kush, white wido, harlie sue # 2, train wreck, affgoo, and more. bho is bubble hash oil, which is very solid and they have 7 different kinds and only 15 a gram and the wax is very potent and they have 7 if not more kinds, example one kind taste like honey, fill free to stop in and show medical card, sativa and indica, also hybrid, thank you for takeing your time to read.


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