Of course Virgin America’s San Francisco Giants themed plane has a beard on it

Fly the bearded skies!

Virgin America unveiled it’s new San Francisco Giants themed airplane today, and it will surprise absolutely no one that the Airbus A320 not only features the Giants team logo, but is also adorned with the most recognizable facial hair in all of baseball, Brian Wilson’s now legendary beard.  Listen, when you’re marketing a brand or a baseball team, you go with the hottest commodity, and in San Fran’s case, it’s not their 2010 World Series victory, or Tim Lincecum’s freakish delivery, or Buster Posey’s boyish good looks—no, that argument begins and ends with Wilson’s legendary facial fuzz.  End of story.

This may be the perfect vehicle for those who have an intense fear of flying, because seriously, how many bearded planes have ever crashed?  Zero, that’s how many.

[SF Gate via Midwest Bias]


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